Zeta Racing and Dutch Sail Janssen de Jong in the finals

Zeta Racing and Dutch Sail Janssen de Jong in the finals

Zeta Racing and Dutch Sail Janssen de Jong in the finals


20/08/2020 - 21:52

Gargnano, Lake Garda, Italy - 18 august 2020 - Experience against euphoria. Hours and hours at the helm, choosing lay-line and getting used to handle the team and the race field or great physical strength, speed, energy, and lot of determination. The first semifinal of Persico 69F Revolution FCL today has awarded both the approaches: the experience and essentiality of Enrico Zennaro, Lorenzo Tonini and Simone Salvà and the energy and euphoria of young sailors from Dutch Sail Janssen De Jong, galvanized by a “up and down” race on the foil and by the determination to arrive first again after the success in the Revolution dedicated to Under 25 and done last week.

The second day of Persico 69F Revolution FCL welcomed the teams in water at breakfast time with 17 knots from North and wave formed: twenty minutes later two of the four teams were already in the finals. Zeta Racing and Dutch Sail Janssen De Jong will have to wait tomorrow to know who they will face in the final.

The attention, during the morning, moved to the lower past of the table: another four flights that promoted Young Azzurra, Kingdom Team Netherlands, Top Gun Racing and YCI-SVBG. Here, in the last analysis, another race between experience and euphoria. The four teams will face tomorrow morning in flight 11, then the first and the second-placed will face in the second semifinal FP Sailing and RHKYC Team Agiplast, the third and fourth in the semifinals of today that will have, as the table says, another chance to rise. From here the last two teams will proceed to the finals, where they will find Zeta Racing and Dutch Sail Janssen De Jong. 

“In the semifinals for us has dominated experience – explain Zennaro, Salvà, and Tonini, the team of Zeta Racing – we started very well, but then there was the stop and go: from 17 knots of wind to almost none, and everything has started again after the second buoy. We played our cards right, maneuvers well done, a cool head, and great navigation in the last side allowed us to get the final”.

“A great race – says the helmsman of Dutch Sail Janssen De Jong, Lars von Stekelenborg - the level of this week was really high. The stops and go were a part of the navigation experience here on Lake Garda and it was really hard to keep the lead, but we did everything we could to do it, in particular, a great battle against RHYC Team Agiplast, a great satisfaction for us”.

In the lower part rises Young Azzurra, in the spotlights after the announcement of last week that starts the Italian Run towards the Youth America’s Cup: “We lost the first race in the debut day and we found ourself in a hard position - explains the helmsman Ettore Botticini - but today we knew how to react very well: two first places, strong and clear, allowed us to remedy and now we can fight. The next flight will be really hard”.

Flight 11 will propose again tomorrow experience against euphoria. On one side, Michele Paoletti, Vittorio Bissaro and Giuliano Desiderato (YCI-SVBG), sailors that have raced everywhere for a lot of years with or without foil, on the other side the euphoria, the determination and the youth of who have a lot to show: Young Azzurra (Ettore Botticini, Federico Colaninno, Francesca Bergamo), Kingdom Team Netherlands (Odile van Aanholt, Emma Savelon, Jorden van Rooijen with the Italian Guido Gallinaro) and Top Gun Racing (Ruggero Tita, Francesco Rubagotti and Matteo Pilati), Under 25 teams with big dreams and big expectation.

Appointment tomorrow in the first morning, always at Circolo Vela Gargnano, a beautiful location that has hosted Persico 69F for two months with great professionalism.

Zeta Racing and Dutch Sail Janssen de Jong in the finals
Zeta Racing and Dutch Sail Janssen de Jong in the finals

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