Persico 69F - ITAS Assicurazioni Grand Prix 2.1 -  Day 2

Persico 69F - ITAS Assicurazioni Grand Prix 2.1 - Day 2

The second day of ITAS Assicurazioni Grand Prix 2.1 of Persico 69F


21/09/2020 - 15:21

Malcesine, 18 september 2020 - The last strip of Veneto coast of Lake Garda, north of Malcesine, was the venue of the second day of ITAS Assicurazioni Grand Prix 2.1 of Persico 69F Cup. We really talk about theatre because of the location, really close to the coast, and of a second day characterised by many penalties, capsizing, manoeuvres on the verge and overtaking. 

The passionate sailor summarize everything with “big fun”, while the judges points out the “respect the bubble” rule, which means the distance given by the special regulation 69F between the boats that today was broken and paid back with many points lost on the board. 

All thanks to a path with a very short third and first side and a stern tactically made to enhance the skills and the talent of the teams, the Ora that blew for six races between six and nine knots, and the spectacularities of the manouvres. A path that requires to start and keep the speed high because the lead at the first buoy is very important but it doesn’t  give the certainty to stay first, and it is also for this that the start was crucial.

All of this means that after six races held today, plus the four of the first day, at the lead there’s Nicola Celon on Fantastica 2 that continues to say that he’s here “just to have fun”: the young dutch corsairs have to give the first place for two points, and regret a manoeuvre as beautiful as illegal, they got between two hulls at high speed and very little length from a buoy, breaking the “bubble buoy” but showing also how much the skills in the circuit has matured, with helmsmen that look for the advantages on the verge of the regulation offering a very hard and spectacular competition. 

One other of the elements to underline today, the debut on the circuit of the owner Lanfranco Cirillo, a baptism of foiling with six races that give him honour. 

Tomorrow the last and crucial day of ITAS Assicurazioni Grand Prix 1.2, while Malcesine is in the Foiling Week atmosphere, and has the Persico 69F as protagonists. 

The board
1) Fantastica 2 - 58 pts
2) Kingdom Team Netherlands - 56 pt s
3) RHKYC Team Agiplast - 37 pt s
4) Okalys - 31 pts
5) Fantastica 1 - 27 pts
6) Section 16 - 21 pts

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