Young Azzurra

Young Azzurra

Young Azzurra, what a debut in Persico 69F Cup, they won four races out of eight


24/09/2020 - 13:29

Malcesine, September 23rd 2020 - It’s Young Azzurra the protagonist of the second day of Persico 69F Cup ITAS Assicurazioni G.P 2.2, the first day of races after the opening lull. 

Under the gaze of an enthusiastic Commodore Michael Illbruck, the team made by YCCS wins and convinces, with an extraordinary debut. After a first day without wind, today in Malcesine, with the wind blowing up to ten knots, the five teams  were able to do eight races, catching up the delay due to the lull of yesterday and showing the great preparation of Young Azzurra. 

The Under 25 team of Yacht Club Costa Smeralda takes immediately the rhythm, they win four races out of eight, they control RHKYC Team Agiplast and a wild FlyingNikka 47, with Roberto Lacorte who just got out of his car at 24 Hours of Le Mans, perfectly comfortable with flying on water and standing up to two younger teams with more hours of active flying. 

The board has Young Azzurra in the lead, with breathtaking maneuvers and some gaps just at the beginning: “We trained alone - explains Federico Colannino - so we have to gain experience and improve ourselves when we have to go in the fray at the beginning, but we are very happy with our performance and mostly we are satisfied with how we are able to go from displacement mode to full foil”. 

Second place goes to FlyingNikka 47 and the third one to RHKYC Team Agiplast, all with very close points. In fourth place FlyingNikka 74, “black belt of first buoy” due to the many surpasses to the first quarter of the course, but with some difficulties in the specific management of the boat, fifth place for FP Sailing, who are looking for a more constant performance after the good result in the Under 25 Revolution, where they were stopped in the semifinals. 

Meanwhile, Roberto Lacorte is the portrait of the happy owner, who at the great undertaking at Le Mans associates a day of foil of maximum performance: “I wanted to be here and close to the guys, this day gave me great satisfaction. We aim to the result of the overall circuit, and today’s points are important. These were very tactical races, here you can never make mistakes, and there’s a higher level than in the first Grand Prix, with these young kids that never give up. Tomorrow I’m going back to the office to be an entrepreneur, I leave the helm to Simone Salvà, but what a satisfaction today!”

“We had a non-perfect starts - says Calum Gregor, helmsman of RHKYC Team Agiplast - and we paid those in these races, where the competition is hard, sometimes remaining stuck in the fleet. But it was a beautiful day anyway, we reached more than 20 knots of speed with a wind of 10 knots, a thing that you can do with only a few boats”.

Tomorrow is a crucial day for Grand Prix 2.2, with the final races and the points to give for the stage and for the circuit. 

The provisional board

Young Azzurra - 44 pt

FlyingNikka 47 - 31 pt

RHKYC Team Agiplast - 28,5 pt

FlyingNikka 74 - 24,5 pt

FP.Sailing - 12,5 pt

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