Young Azzurra, debut in the Persico 69F Cup with victory


28/09/2020 - 11:13

Malcesine, September 24th, 2020 - A race (won) was enough to Young Azzurra to seal the victory in the ITAS Assicurazioni Grand Prix 2.2 of Persico 69F Cup. In a Malcesine with bad wind - a very unusual condition for the location - the hull with the Under 25 team with Ettore Botticini, Federico Colannino, Francesca Bergamo and Erica Ratti, launched by Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, debuted beating both younger and expert sailors, and showing the potential of a mature, focused and trained team: “We’re happy - says Botticini - as I’ve already said, we trained a lot  on this boat, but on our own. In this event we felt what it means to be in the fray. Our balance and our training are working, and this is great news”. The team will be racing also in the next stage, Grand Prix 3.1, scheduled in Malcesine from October 1st to 3rd, wishing for a better wind, typical of Lake Garda. 

Second place of ITAS Assicurazioni Grand Prix 2.2 goes to FlyingNikka 47, looking for important points for the overall classification of the circuit. The third place goes to RHKYC Team Agiplast, the Hong Kong athletes that, after a long permanence in Italy to train and race on the Persico 69F, are getting ready to fly back home, where they’ll find their monotype set and ready to welcome them for new training sessions, with the goal to be in 2021 circuit. FlyingNikka 74 and FP Sailing close the board. 

Lorenzo Bressani, fly controller of FlyingNikka 47, declares its love for this boat: ”We’re witnessing a great success - says Bressani - and I think all the owners and all young sailors should try foiling and, in particular, try the Persico 69F. It’s a boat that, thanks to the development of the organizers, it’s easy to sail, exalts the speed, challenges you to learn how to adjust the appendices. In every stage we see new owners and new guys on the circuit, it’s a very strong and interesting signal, all of us should try to fly on water.”

Final ranking

Ettore Botticini, Federico Colaninno, Erica Ratti, Francesca Bergamo

2 - FLYING NIKKA 47 - 35 PT
Roberto Lacorte, Lorenzo Bressani, Enrico Zennaro, Ruggero Tita, Simone Salvà

Calum Gregor, Maria Cantero, Nicolai Jacobsen

4 - FLYING NIKKA 74 - 25,5 PT
Alessio Razeto, Lorenzo De Felice, Andrea Fornaro

5 - FP.SAILING - 15,0
Alessandro Caldari, Giacomo Bandini, Lorenzo Franceschini

Young Azzurra, debut in the Persico 69F Cup with victory
Young Azzurra, debut in the Persico 69F Cup with victory

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