On display at the G20, the Persico 69F: an icon of Italian design

On display at the G20, the Persico 69F: an icon of Italian design

Sailing boat

02/11/2021 - 11:02

On the occasion of the G20 summit in Rome, the Persico 69F has become an object of design and an ambassador of Made-in-Italy industrial products.
The sailboat built by Persico Marine is on display during the meeting of the Group-of-Twenty heads of state now going on in Rome. The Persico 69F is positioned outside the Palazzo dei Congressi: it is one of 41 industrial objects of design selected by ADI, the Italian Association for Industrial Design, and the Ministry of Culture to promote Italian excellence to the G20 countries and the press from all over the world accredited to attend the event.

The selected industrial design products, including the Persico 69F, make up the "Italian Design" exhibit, called on to promote the three principles that inspire contemporary Italian design: Innovation, Creativity and Responsibility.
"For us," the company stated - "it is a great honour to have been selected as ambassadors of Italian innovative industrial design. The Persico 69F is a small-sized boat, in which is incorporated great design vision, innovative engineering and construction technique, and a new approach to the sport of sailing".
The Persico 69F is the first foiling sailboat in history for a crew. Construction on the boat – designed by Wilson Marquinez – started in 2020 at the Persico Marine industrial facility in Nembro (Bergamo). As of today, 23 strict monotype boats have been built and sold worldwide, from the United States to Hong Kong. At the moment, there are 4 more Persico 69Fs under construction at the Persico shipyard.

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