Custom-built multihull superyachts that redefine luxury catamaran design

Custom-built multihull superyachts that redefine luxury catamaran design

Royal Huisman and Berret-Racoupeau Design Launch in Asia

Yacht Design

07/12/2018 - 10:07

Royal Huisman shipyard is teaming up with Berret-Racoupeau Design to produce custom-built multihull superyachts, both power and sail, that redefine luxury catamaran design from the waterline upwards.

Royal Huisman has been building beautiful sailing superyachts for over a century, and Olivier Racoupeau is a catamaran designer at the top of the game. Together, the two names resonate with a promise of excellence that is second to none. The combining of two world-class brands is not an addition - it is a multiplier.
“Our core business will always be big beautiful boats, but in partnership with Olivier Racoupeau we see an opportunity to expand our existing expertise into the world of multihulls,” says Jan Timmernam, CEO of Royal Huisman. “This is not a change in direction; it is an expansion of possibilities. There are very few multihulls in the superyacht world, but that could easily change.” Multihulls offer substantially more usable area than a monohull of the same waterline length, and are a great deal more stable than monohulls. In the last two decades Asia has seen a proliferation of multihulls at the ‘entry level’ for leisure boating, and Timmerman believes that the time is right to take catamarans upmarket.

The new cooperation with Olivier Racoupeau has been a project more than two years in the making. “We met, we talked, and we were all saying the same thing,” recalls Racoupeau. “A real superyacht catamaran can be designed to suit a private owner, or would make an excellent charter vessel. Many 7-star resort operators are very keen on the versatility of just such a boat, that will allow guests to explore more exotic destinations and further afield than is presently possible.” The imminent launch of innovative 110’ sailing and 118’ power ‘supercats’ promises to raise seagoing standards of comfort and luxury to hitherto unseen levels of grace, space, and pace.

Racoupeau knows his way around a drawing board. His designs have been lauded for excellence, innovation, and performance. The new design concept for either a power or a sailing superyacht is intended from the outset to meet a growing demand for large custom-built multihulls in Asia. Both versions benefit from an exceptionally large main deck offering the space and comfort levels of a very much larger monohull yacht. Including accommodation for 10 guests, these yachts will be unrivalled as charter yachts, and the sailing version has a carbon footprint that doesn’t even leave a mark on the beach.

Corporate and family entertaining are absolute priorities in Asia, and the open layouts of the Racoupeau supercats provide an ideal solution. The indoor/outdoor experience is enhanced by large beach club areas, magnificent open areas, and hinged side windows that open onto wide side decks rarely seen on catamarans. It is an effect of which Racoupeau is particularly proud. “The current generation of big motoryachts have fold-down balconies to create extra space – our supercats have fold-up windows instead, and the practical effect is even more spacious."  The powercat version adds even more space with a whole extra deck – the flybridge – that includes multi entertainment options as well as relaxation areas.
It takes craftsmanship of the highest order to execute such a project. Royal Huisman’s legendary build quality and engineering fit the bill perfectly. Royal Huisman is the shipyard that discerning owners trust to create yachts of distinction and performance that win races as well as cruise the oceans of the world in safety and comfort.

Royal Huisman yachts are built to last, and to the very highest standards possible. Looking at the recent strong growth in numbers of multihull sales in the Asia Pacific, Racoupeau and Royal Huisman could not have timed the introduction of their supercats any better.


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