Boot Düsseldorf - World Premiere of the Saffier Se 27 Leisure

Boot Düsseldorf - World Premiere of the Saffier Se 27 Leisure

Sailing boat

15/01/2020 - 10:02

The all new Saffier Se 27 Leisure meets the need to fullfill the Elegance range of Saffier Yachts. We felt that there was a demand for a modern lined daysailer in this size. We are looking forward to show this daysailer to the world in Düsseldorf. 

The perfect daysailer.

Ultimate speed, high performance and striking looks is what the new Saffier Se 27ft Leisure shows at first sight. Sailing in full control, singlehanded with all sheets and lines at your helm and double digits speed on your display. Combining speed and safety together with her striking looks make the Saffier Se 27ft Leisure the perfect daysailer.


To achieve high speeds she has modern hull lines with a good form stability. This is achieved with a flat underwater section in the hull and a 2.60 m beam. Weight reduction is also important. Aside from building the hull and deck in sandwich and vacuumed she is, as standard, fitted out with a 4.0 Kw Torqeedo engine with Lithium battery and folding prop. The complete electric propulsion is 70% lighter then a comparable diesel engine alone. The solid lead keel gives her a high righting moment and combining this with a powerful rig, the Saffier Se 27ft Leisure is able to surf and stay in full plane downwind, while pointing high and fast upwind.

Vacuum iso fiberglass with 15 mm hard core foam. Fibreglass around the keel section reinforced with roving to 22 mm thickness. 4 ribs laminated in keel section to transfer forces of keel loads. Water and cove lines laminated in gelcoat.

Standard color; Dark blue ( Ral 5004) cove and waterline white.

Boot Düsseldorf - World Premiere of the Saffier Se 27 Leisure
Boot Düsseldorf - World Premiere of the Saffier Se 27 Leisure


Fast, downwind and upwind
A high stability ratio keeping her safe at all times
Multipurpose: Electric or diesel engine, tiller or helm, three different keel options
Customising: you choose colours, material sails, what propulsion.
Large ergonomic cockpit with sundeck
Inside room for 4 persons to sleep
Can be used on any kind of water, ocean, seas and lakes
Easy trailerable
Only the very best materials used. No compromises!
Designed and built by the largest manufacture worldwide in luxury day- and weekendsailers.

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