Sanlorenzo: financial highlights


20/09/2017 - 17:40

Leading shipyard in the nautical sector, Sanlorenzo has been experiencing a steady growth in the 2000s with an average rate of 18.7%, that places Sanlorenzo among the world top builders of yachts over 24 meters. Today it’s the first shipyard to overcome its pre-crisis turnover (198 Million Euro in 2008 – 314 Million Euro in 2016).

The 2016 figures totally confirm it, with a turnover of 314 Million Euro (+42% than previous year) and 25.4 Million Euro EBITDA (+21% than 2015), thanks to a production growth of 28 yachts and 5 superyachts sold in 2016.
2017 turnover forecast surpasses 300 Million Euro, with the sales of 38 yachts.

Sanlorenzo also stands out in the nautical business for its sales strategy: the company is the only one in its industry to directly control the distribution network. This skill, along with a focused marketing strategy, brought the company to a uniform growth in each geographical area, as following:

Only shipyard in the nautical market that didn’t make use of temporary lay offs during the  downturn, Sanlorenzo employs today 400 direct workers and about 1000 subconstructors, for a total workforce of about 1400 employees.

In 2016-2020 Sanlorenzo will invest over 100 Million Euro in reasearch and development (€6 Million), production of new models (€42 Million) and new production facilities – Capex-  (€52 Million). Sanlorenzo is planning to increase its offer with new yachts (the new fast displacement SX line), able to satisfy the demanding international market and increase its production capacity with the enlargement of its two production facilities in Ameglia, La Spezia, Viareggio and the recently acquired sheds in Massa.

Production sites

La Spezia
This site was acquired from Cantieri San Marco shipyard last year and it’s now dedicated to the production of Superyachts in steel and aluminum. La Spezia site is currently completing the renovation phase, with 1800 sq.m. of new offices and 30.000 sq.m. of production area, for a total  of 50.000 sq.m.

The first site dedicated to the production of yachts from medium to large size that will cover a

75.000 sq.m. area thanks to the design by Studio Archea Projects.

The site is dedicated to the production of yachts over 100 ft in fiberglass, and it will double its size up to 15.000 sq.m. in total.

The new site dedicated to the research and development of new models and to the production of fiberglass hulls (which will be completed in Viareggio), for a total external area of 30.000 sq.m  and
18.500 sq.m indoor area.

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