Marco Segato

Marco Segato

Marco Segato nominated CEO of Sanlorenzo Americas


17/07/2019 - 23:42

Sanlorenzo, one of the world's leading yacht and superyacht manufacturers, is delighted to announce the appointment of Marco Segato as the new CEO of Sanlorenzo Americas, the branch that has over the last ten years acted as an embassy for the brand and has aided in the expansion and bolstering of Sanlorenzo in North, Central and South America.

Marco Segato, formerly Vice President of Sales of Sanlorenzo Americas since 2014, having previously held important positions in the field of strategic consulting and business development and having a great wealth of experience in the boating sector to his name, was additionally chosen to become shareholder of the US company to further build upon and develop the growth achieved by Sanlorenzo Americas. This meeting the new challenges offered by this strategic market.
Sanlorenzo Americas, based in Fort Lauderdale and New York leads a sales network that includes Perù, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Canada, making itself the only  reference point in the US for shipowners who wish to build their own custom-built Sanlorenzo yacht, the result of unparalleled attention to minute detail and scrupulous selection of materials, in line with local regulations and out of respect for American culture and style, of which Sanlorenzo has an in depth knowledge.
In fact, the Sanlorenzo Americas team of experts follows each customer at every step, from the first concept to the completion of an individual project, perfectly customized, in which the personality, tastes and lifestyle of each owner are clearly visible.

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