The Ark, installation in Genova

The Ark, installation in Genova

Sanlorenzo and BMW launch a partnership for international events


21/09/2019 - 20:45

To follow your course, and to imagine new routes. This is how humankind conquers new spaces, sets new objectives, explores new horizons in continuous movement, not just on the sea or on land, but also in design, technology and the conception of space.

In this scenario, Sanlorenzo and BMW Italia, two examples of timeless excellence, have decided to form a partnership that will make them the protagonists of a series of important international events.

This collaboration announced for the occasion of the Genoa Boat Show is the result of shared values, affinities in the aesthetic and creative approach. BMW and Sanlorenzo, in fact, have both always been known for ongoing research on products, the use of the most advanced technologies and unique prowess in the design of internal spaces, to offer personalized projects expressed through pure design based on timeless elegance, the expression of a refined, never ostentatious kind of luxury.

The encounter between BMW and Sanlorenzo thus gives rise to a true course of action, interpreted by Piero Lissoni starting with the assets that bring the two brands together, leading to installations that will be on view during various events of international importance, from the Genoa Boat Show 2019, to the Salone del Mobile 2020, followed by the Elite Days 2020, the Sanlorenzo event that brings together the exclusive community of aficionados of the brand.

“I have always enjoyed telling stories, and in this case I can tell the tale of two stories that until now have moved forward on their own paths, one by land, the other by sea, but with shared values and philosophies. For me, this story is part of a journey that began with Sanlorenzo, to which BMW has been added as a partner, in order to explore a new direction.”

Piero Lissoni, Art Director of Sanlorenzo

This synergy leads to “The Ark,” the first of the installations, presented at the Genoa Boat Show. Between myth and reality, craftsmanship and technology, Piero Lissoni reinterprets the hull of a SX112 yacht, imagining it as an ark with an atypical form that contains two BMW X7 automobiles, to illustrate their evolution. The two chrome-plated cars, as if forged in metal, have been transformed into futuristic sculptures that become a symbol of the avant-garde, of the will to dare to make a clean break with conventions, to have the courage for innovation, shared by BMW and Sanlorenzo.

The SX112 flagship of Sanlorenzo, chosen for the installation, will expand the SX crossover line official launched in 2017 with the first SX88 yacht, followed in 2018 by the SX76. Both models have been presented at their debut in the versions with interior design by Piero Lissoni, who through his innovative work has developed an open-plan yacht for the first time, a “social boat” where internal livability reaches maximum levels.

The BMW X7 is the largest model in the BMW X family and brings with it a new perception of space in the luxury segment, thanks to its impressive size, the classy design of the interiors and cutting-edge outfitting.

Two examples of the peerless ability of BMW and Sanlorenzo to constantly test the limits of imagination, seeing the impossible as a new challenge for the future.

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