Silent Yachts: Bahamas Silent Island construction to start soon

Silent Yachts: Bahamas Silent Island construction to start soon

Silent Yachts: Bahamas Silent Island construction to start soon


11/12/2020 - 19:10

Silent Resorts, exclusive partner with Silent-Yachts, the Austrian company that produces innovative solar electric catamarans, has secured a Silent 55 as its inaugural promotional yacht and chose the Bahamas for the location of its very first resort. This private tropical island will include 16 four-bedroom waterfront villas and 8 custom solar powered catamarans from Silent-Yachts, along with a beachside clubhouse, resort-style pool, restaurant, bar, fitness room, game room, and a spa. The construction will begin in 2021.

Silent Resorts’ mission is to make island villa and luxury yacht ownership more affordable and create a sustainable, self-sufficient, private and secure luxury land and sea experience. Members are owners and share the benefits of island and yachting lifestyle, managed by a team of experienced real estate, hospitality, luxury property management and yacht industry professionals.

"Silent Resorts is a true innovator in the luxury experience market," said Michael Köhler, founder and CEO of Silent-Yachts. "With Silent Resorts, we are creating the world's first 100% solar-powered, luxury adventure destination where land and sea are integrated. Silent Resorts’ exclusive relationship with Silent Yachts and its integration of the world's first fully solar yachts with pre-engineered, modular, low-impact, land-based infrastructure, allows owner/members to enjoy the planet's most pristine and undiscovered destinations in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive manner."

All Silent Resorts members/owners have full access to their 4-bedroom villas and 4-cabin suite yachts for 5 weeks or more per year, with the possibility to share their no-cost stays with friends and family. Memberships are for a lifetime and can be gifted or sold.

"Our philosophy is to employ the natural environment as chief design director and work for her," commented Victor Barrett, Head of Silent Resorts. "The location in the Bahamas is the first of others we are considering, including Belize, Panama, French Polynesia, Maldives, Indonesia, and more in the world’s most beautiful archipelagos and yachting destinations. With the infinite cruising range of the luxurious, solar-powered, transoceanic SILENT YACHTS, no location is too far! All members will have access to all our global locations."

This Holiday season, Silent Resorts has launched with special incentives for the first 25 Founding Memberships. These memberships are offered with a unique investment return and only available for the first 25 members. More about this special offer, please visit

"Our partners managing our inaugural yacht, a very special SILENT 55 named Silent Voyager, will be making a historic solar powered world cruise starting in the spring of 2021 in Italy, crossing the Atlantic to reach the Bahamas during the year, and then she plans to continue its circumnavigation in 2022 while exploring our stunning new locations," said Victor Barrett.

Silent Yachts: Bahamas Silent Island construction to start soon
Silent Yachts: Bahamas Silent Island construction to start soon

Opportunities for Founding Members

Founding members will have other opportunities in addition to the access to Silent Voyager along its journey from Italy to the Bahamas. They will also receive all the benefits of the regular membership, plus the introductory Founders-only membership price of $395,000, and other additional financial incentives. All Silent Resort Bahamas members enjoy a minimum five weeks per year of villa and yacht vacations. Their private club staff provides personalized services, ensures that all Silent Island vacations are seamless, and takes care of all villa and yacht maintenance responsibilities.

“The only thing our members will have to worry about is when they will return for another extraordinary villa-yacht vacation,” said Silent Resorts CEO Victor Barrett. “They can combine villa stays and yacht cruises or stay only in a villa or only on a yacht during their visits. For large travel parties, they can enjoy multiple villas and/or yachts during the same trip. It’s up to them how they use their membership privileges.”

In addition, every founding member will get a personalised scale model of the SILENT 60 with his/her name and membership number on it.

Testimonials from the current Founding Members, Investors and Partners

Christin & Daniel T. – Zürich, Switzerland
Shortly after we first heard about SILENT-YACHTS we went for a sea trial in Mallorca which got us so excited that we immediately wanted to get a Silent yacht. But there was only one available which someone else was interested in too. We decided to contact the interested party which turned out to be Silent Resorts. The first live meeting already changed our lives; we decided to join forces and collectively purchase the only Silent Yacht that was immediately available to promote Silent Resorts around the world while we circumnavigate our beautiful planet self-sufficiently. As Digital Nomads, entrepreneurs, and adventurists, the key aspect for us was the innovative sustainable nature of SILENT-YACHTS and Silent Resorts – dreaming us into reality.

Paul B. – Michigan, USA
“I immediately saw Silent Resorts as a new and innovative way for my wife and I to experience island and yachting life. We are already a member of the Philips Club in New York City, a fantastic luxury high-rise club that was created by one of the Silent Resorts partners. The financial incentives included in the Silent Island Bahamas Founders offer, combined with lifetime enjoyment of the villas and yachts, made it a no-brainer.”

Scott W. – Nevada, USA
“I know a great opportunity when I see it. I always wanted a villa on a private island, but the thought of all legal ownership issues and practical issues of maintenance and management for only a few weeks in a year use always kept me from going forward. So, with Silent Resorts offering a great island location where I can stay in a villa AND travel the Bahamas on a Silent yacht, it is a much better value for my money. And I can look forward to their new locations over the years to explore. I would have done it without the valuable Founding Membership benefits. . . but don’t tell Silent Resorts that”

Michael T. – Florida, USA
“Even though I can only spend a few weeks cruising, the low cost of ownership, innovation and luxury of SILENT-YACHTS compelled me to purchase their new 60 Tri-Deck model. In addition, I have become a member of Silent Resorts Bahamas and will have them manage the yacht for me. So now my yacht investment will pay big dividends, allowing me to use both villas and my yacht, and free me from the hassle of managing, crewing, and keeping the yacht in perfect condition.“

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