U-Boat Worx has added more innovations to Super Yacht Sub 3

U-Boat Worx has added more innovations to Super Yacht Sub 3

U-Boat Worx has added more innovations to Super Yacht Sub 3

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01/07/2024 - 11:11

The U-Boat Worx - Super Yacht Sub 3, the leading compact and luxurious private submarine designed for superyachts, has been upgraded. This new version sets a benchmark in submersible technology, offering unmatched performance and luxury.

The Super Yacht Sub 3 continues to expand the possibilities of underwater adventures for superyacht owners. With a proven track record, having been delivered to a dozen of the world’s most iconic superyachts, it remains the premier choice in the industry.

The latest version introduces several enhancements, the most notable being the new in-house developed thruster. This advancement provides higher thrust compared to its predecessor, resulting in smoother, more precise maneuverability, all while maintaining an unprecedented level of silence. This ensures a serene and relaxing diving experience.

Additionally, the upgraded version features an enhanced USBL system with two new functions. Firstly, it enables seamless communication between the submersible and the surface by automatically relaying essential readings, such as oxygen levels and battery life. This reduces communication intervals and improves operational efficiency. Secondly, the USBL system serves as a positioning tool, providing real-time GPS information overlaid with Navionics maps. This ensures precise navigation and hazard avoidance, functioning like Google Maps for underwater use.

Comfort is paramount aboard the Super Yacht Sub 3. Upgrades to the pilot seat provide enhanced support and ergonomics for extended missions.

From minor enhancements to major upgrades, the latest version embodies the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

"The Super Yacht Sub 3 represents the culmination of our relentless pursuit of excellence," said Roy Heijdra, Marketing Manager of U-Boat Worx. "With its performance, luxurious amenities, and cutting-edge technology, it redefines the possibilities of underwater exploration for superyacht owners."


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