X-Yachts: yesterday the X5⁶ was launched for the very first time

X-Yachts: yesterday the X5⁶ was launched for the very first time

X-Yachts: yesterday the X5⁶ was launched for the very first time

Sailing boat

01/12/2020 - 20:03

Yesterday late in the afternoon, the X5⁶ was launched for the very first time! It was a tremendously glorious sight to see the new beauty hit the water!

After rigging, in-water tests and adjustments of technical installations a thorough series of sea trials will be conducted under close supervision of the design & engineering team.

"We feel convinced that the X5⁶ will live fully up to our expectations, but realistically and historically there will always be minor adjustments with a new model, first of its kind in the Pure X Range, and we are eager to find all mistakes and points of improvement now, in order to have the corrections implemented as early as possible", Thomas Mielec, Director of Design & Engineering, explains.

And he elaborates: “After the sea trials she will go back to the assembly hall for final fitout of interiors etc. to be ready for the X5⁶ world premiere in our show rooms in Haderslev”

Superior Sailing Pleasure

The X56 is a fifty-six-foot performance cruising yacht designed with serious cruising in mind; be that crossing the Atlantic, or exploring beautiful Mediterranean islands. The X56 joins the hugely successful and critically acclaimed Pure X Range.

The design philosophy was very clear from the outset - like all our luxury yachts, we place a huge emphasis on giving the owner a superb and comfortable sailing experience, on a yacht that is easy to handle by all the crew.

The first X56s hits the water in the beginning of 2021.

Light, strong and stiff
With the introduction of the X-65 in 2007, X-Yachts started to infuse hulls for performance yachts utilising epoxy resin. Epoxy infusion construction offers fantastic control over the laminate allowing it to be optimised to maximise strength and stiffness, whilst saving weight.

In the X56 all weight saved is used to increase the yacht’s stability enabling the crew to have a more relaxed time and to feel safer and more comfortable. The fact, that the hull is cured, baked at high temperatures for almost 24 hours, not only optimises the hull material properties but also minimises the risk of the darker coloured hull surfaces to suddenly start posturing, losing the surface finish.

With over 10 years of experience building epoxy infused yachts, X-Yachts took the decision in 2018 to build all models using this technology, one of the only yacht builders to do so.

Interior craftmanship
Danish design and architecture is famous for its clean, timeless style. The X56 is a showcase of luxury interior design; the yacht has a great sense of light and space, whilst maintaining practicality and functionality, with a design that works as well out on the open sea as moored in a harbour.

The flush deck hatches and coachroof side windows allow a lot of light into the boat and offer great ventilation. Large hull windows offer fantastic views from the spacious saloon.

High quality materials
The X56 is offered in a range of finishes: Nordic Oak veneer is standard on all furniture, and optional veneers include a lighter White Tinted Oak and a more traditional Teak.

All veneers are hand-selected in Italy by our specialists from one of the most exclusive suppliers for the marine market for high quality yachts.

When combined with the top-quality craftsmanship X-Yachts is famous for, this translates to affordable luxury. As with all models in the range, there are a large number of options for soft furnishings;

Interior Surfaces
Bulkhead and Furniture Surfaces

Quarter sawn high quality wooden veneers, lightly sanded and varnished, from Italian suppliers. As standard furniture is built in Nordic Oak offering a light modern look. More traditional teak is also available.

Below samples have a hard wearing top surface of laminate imitating wooden veneers. As an alternative, top surface of genuine wooden veneer (as Bulkhead & Furniture) is also available.

X-Yachts: yesterday the X5⁶ was launched for the very first time
X-Yachts: yesterday the X5⁶ was launched for the very first time

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