YYachts develops its own tender

YYachts develops its own tender

YYachts develops its own tender

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30/01/2023 - 08:20

Lightweight, extremely stable, emission-free: these are the key features of the new YTender. The multihull RIB is an innovative tender for owners of large sailing yachts.

For many years, YYachts has been regarded as an extremely innovative address when it comes to designing and building sailing yachts between 70 and 100 feet. YYachts builds from carbon and thus light, because this allows the sails to be set even in light winds.

One problem with the equipment, however, was often the tenders. Since YYachts has arranged the tender garage transversely in the stern, it can accommodate relatively large tenders. However, the size and weight of the tenders then came at the expense of performance.

The solution to this is now available. It is called the YTender and was conceived by YYachts' design and engineering team.
The YTender is built from carbon composite, is designed to meet the needs of sailors and weighs only 170 kilograms at a length of 3.65 metres and 230 kilograms at a length of 4.35 metres. A built-in compressor can automatically fill or empty the hoses during craning - thus minimising the stowage dimensions. Malzahn: "An incredibly innovative solution. It allows us to offer a tender with maximum size for six people."

Designed as a catamaran, the YTender not only offers a veritable interior, but its hydrodynamics also make it very efficient underway. It is available with electric drives as well as with conventional outboards in the stern. Above all, however, it is stable in the water; when boarding, it does not tip over on its side and thus conveys a very good feeling of safety.
Its layout is flexible, as is the equipment and decoration. The YTender can be adapted to the look of any yacht.

The YTender is built and sold by Yachtwerft Hamburg. Johannes Malzahn, Managing Partner of Yachtwerft Hamburg, says: "Producing the tenders for YYachts is a great opportunity and honour for us. The concept developed by YYachts will be implemented by us with the very highest quality - as is customary in large yachting."

YYachts develops its own tender
YYachts develops its own tender

The most important features at a glance:

Low weight: The YTender is the lightest dinghy in its class. In the carbon version, it weighs - without propulsion - only 170 (YT7) or 230 kilograms (YT9).

Stable position: Designed as a catamaran, the YTender is very stable in the water. At the same time, it can reach high speeds and consumes little energy.

Good dimensions: The YTender is optimised for dinghy garages. It has a low height and a compact size due to its catamaran construction.

Versatile layout: By placing the steering position in the front area of the YTender, the stern can be designed and used very flexibly.

Smart Tube: The YTender's air tube can be deflated or inflated in just 45 seconds, resulting in a better pack size. The necessary electric pumps are integrated.

Without emissions: YTenders are equipped with a fully electric drive as standard to avoid any emissions.
Individual equipment: Colours, fabrics and surfaces of the YTender can be designed and selected entirely according to the client's ideas.

High quality: The YTender is built in Germany, ensuring a high level of vertical integration.

Technical data:

YTender - medium
Length approx. 3.65 m / approx. 3.30 m (deflated)
Width approx. 1.80 m / approx. 1.50 m (deflated)
Height approx. 1,00 m
Draught approx. 0.27 m
Weight (without engines) approx. 170 kg (carbon), approx. 230 kg (GRP)
Max. engine 20 kW
Max. load approx. 320 kg

YTender - large
Length approx. 4.35 m / approx. 4.00 m (deflated)
Width approx. 1.80 m / approx. 1.50 m (deflated)
Height approx. 1,00 m
Draught approx. 0.28 m
Weight (without engines) approx. 230 kg (carbon), approx. 290 kg (GRP)
Max. engine 25 kW
Max. load approx. 400 k

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