No racing today at the 52 Super Series in Valencia

No racing today at the 52 Super Series in Valencia

No racing today at the 52 Super Series in Valencia


By Azzurra
19/09/2018 - 22:20

Very light and unstable breezes made it impossible for the Racing Committee, headed by Maria Torrijo, to get racing underway today despite several attempts to set up a course. A breeze from the north eastern gradient conflicted with a sea breeze from the south east and the resulting conditions were too weak and unstable for racing. An occasional puff at about 7 knots would get the teams hoping, but after just a few minutes it would die down again after shifting over 30 degrees left or right. Finally at 4:30 PM the AP over Alpha flag was hoisted signalling that no more racing today. 

“It was a good call,” said Bruno Zirilli, navigator aboard Azzurra, “because chance would have decided the day’s results, not skill. Now we’re going to sit down to analyse the latest forecasts, but conditions for tomorrow will probably be similar to today’s.”

Theoretically, racing will get underway tomorrow at 1 PM, conditions permitting.  Live streaming with commentary in English direct from the regatta course will be available on the websites, and on the 52 Super Series YouTube channel.

52 SUPER SERIES Valencia Sailing Week
Regatta standings after 2 races
1. Platoon (GER) (Harm Müller-Spreer) (1,4) 5 p.
2. Azzurra (ARG/ITA) (Alberto/Pablo Roemmers) (2,3) 5 p.
3. Luna Rossa (ITA) (Patrizio Bertelli) (6,1) 7 p.
4. Phoenix (RSA) (Hasso/Tina Plattner) (3,6) 9 p.
5. Alegre (USA/GBR) (Andrés Soriano) (4,5) 9 p.
6. Quantum Racing (USA) (Doug DeVos) (8,2) 10 p.
7. Sled (USA) (Takashi Okura) (5,10) 15 p.
8. Gladiator (GBR) (Tony Langley) (7,9) 16 p.
9. Paprec (FRA) (Jean Luc Petithuguenin) (11,7) 18 p.
10. Onda (BRA) (Eduardo de Souza Ramos) (10,8) 18 p.
11. Provezza (TUR) (Ergin Imre) (9,11+ 2 penalty) 22 p

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