800 Posidonia Oceanica cuttings to restore the marine ecosystem


17/05/2022 - 23:28

Luna Rossa contributes to the MEDSEA project for the reforestation of Posidonia oceanica in the Capo Carbonara Protected Marine Area in Villasimius, Sardinia.
Thanks to the auction of the winglet of the AC75 Luna Rossa, in October 2021, the team collected a fund of 8.000 euros and donated it to the MEDSEA Foundation in support of the project "A marine forest to save the Mediterranean", aimed to restore Posidonia oceanica. Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli chose to go a step further in this project and actively participated in the planting of Posidonia oceanica cuttings together with MEDSEA marine biologists, thanks also to the collaboration with the AMP Capo Carbonara.

Two of the team members with scuba diving qualifications, Michele Cannoni -boat captain- and Davide Pescuma -head of hydraulic systems on board- were enthusiastic at the opportunity to participate in this project. Upon arrival at the Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area they dived in and followed the planting procedure for the Posidonia oceanica cuttings at a 20-meter depth, under the scientific coordination of Francesca Frau, head of the MEDSEA marine sector.


"The reforestation work of Posidonia oceanica consists in reconnecting the existing grasslands that have suffered injuries, most often caused by free anchoring and illegal trawl-fishing” explains Francesca. “When   these fractures occur, the biological functions of this habitat, including the production of oxygen and the capturing and accumulation of Carbon, decrease considerably. This marine grassland also favours the stabilization of the seabed and strengthens the sandy coasts subject to erosion. This is why it is so important to take action in damaged areas to restore the health of this important habitat."

"This activity fully embraces one of the founding missions of the Protected Marine Area: the conservation and protection of coastal marine environments, including the habitat of Posidonia oceanica, an endemic seagrass in the Mediterranean Sea that that is essential for the health of our oceans. Therefore, the commitment to protect the integrity of this habitat is extremely important, as it is to intervene with realistic conservation activities where these are needed, as in this case " confirms Fabrizio Atzori, director of the Capo Carbonara MPA, beneficiary of the restoration.


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