Luna Rossa and Pirelli renew their partnership for the 37th America's Cup

Luna Rossa and Pirelli renew their partnership for the 37th America's Cup

Luna Rossa and Pirelli renew their partnership for the 37th America's Cup


02/11/2022 - 20:15

In occasion of the launch of the Luna Rossa prototype, held in Cagliari (Italy) October 13th, 2022, the renewal of the partnership between the leading company in the High Value tyre sector and the Italian challenger was made official, in view of the 37th edition of the America's Cup to be held in Barcelona (Spain) in 2024. 

As in the 36th America’s Cup edition, Pirelli, will be co-title sponsor for the entire duration of the campaign alongside Prada, supporting the team both in the preparatory regattas (America's Cup World Series, Youth and Women's America's Cup) and, obviously, in the crucial phases of the event, which will take place in September and October 2024.

The partnership between Luna Rossa and Pirelli is the result of an almost natural bond, given the common roots - strongly Italian - and the values and ambitions they embody and promote. Both are projected into a technological and design future, of which they are often forerunners, and both express the competitive challenge at the highest levels, in which the means to win are power, control, courage and passion.

«For Luna Rossa no partner comes as close to its values and objectives as Pirelli», says Max Sirena, Team Director and skipper of Luna Rossa. «Just like the America's Cup, of which it is almost contemporary (it was born only 21 years later), Pirelli has been able to evolve over time, keeping intact its founding principles based on constant research and relentless technical development from which we also benefit, as Pirelli is now also a technology partner of Luna Rossa. Their R&D department is essential to our campaign because, together with Luna Rossa's design team, they work on some of the boat's components, exploiting their undisputed know-how acquired in the racing world. The renewal of this partnership reaffirms the mutual esteem and trust that has united us for years».

Luna Rossa and Pirelli are two world-renowned and respected sporting icons that convey important social messages, mainly aimed at raising public awareness on environmental issues and developing concrete and sustainable initiatives to reduce pollution, especially in the ocean. Both also strongly believe in the value of human resources and dedicating effort, time and space to train young people, whom they consider to be the true investment for the future.

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