The Next Generation Foil Academy powered by Luna Rossa in Cagliari

The Next Generation Foil Academy powered by Luna Rossa in Cagliari

The Next Generation Foil Academy powered by Luna Rossa in Cagliari


23/10/2023 - 21:29

After having travelled all over Italy, with events staged from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Sicily, the Next Generation Foil Academy powered by Luna Rossa finally landed in Sardinia, precisely in Cagliari where, since 2014, the Italian challenger for the 37th America’s Cup has its operations base.  

Thanks to the productive collaboration with Mirco Babini - President of the IKA (International Kiteboarding Association) - the Academy stage was included in the Sardinia Sailing Cup event (scheduled from 17 to 22 October) held at the Circolo Sportivo Esercito Italiano under the aegis of the FIV (Italian Sailing Federation). 

The program included 'Clinic' and 'Trophy' activities on Waszp and IQFoils: the former (from October 18-20) focused on rigging and setting up the boats, with start exercises, maneuvers and buoy turns; the latter part (October 21 and 22) featured a final regatta between the best sailors selected by the FIV Technical Staff.

A total of 22 under-19 athletes competed in the beautiful waters of Poetto under the guidance of Alessandra Sensini, FIV Youth Technical Director and coordinator of the program, together with federal coaches Leonardo Zaggia and Fabio Zeni. 

Francesco "Checco" Bruni (one of Luna Rossa's helmsmen) attended the opening of the event to endorse the deep bond that connects Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli to young sailors, to the Italian Sailing Federation, and to Sardinia: «Sardinia, and Cagliari in particular», he said during the press conference, «have treated us incredibly well for years; the least we can do to express our gratitude is to share our love for this sport, now strongly focused on the concept of flying on water, to young people. Being an inspiration to the younger generation makes me happy. Sport is healthy and very important for young people, especially in times like these».

Bruni then met the athletes participating in the Academy on the Poetto beach and, while giving some technical advice, was struck by their enthusiasm and aspiration to be involved in a sailing discipline that for some is completely new: «Although they come from different boat classes», he said, «they seemed very responsive and happy with the experience. The Academy is a great environment, very stimulating for all the guys».

«They have been intense days», said Alessandra Sensini: «during the “Clinic” phase we had the opportunity to take 22 athletes on the water: eight youths on iQFOiLs and fifteen on Waszps, eight of whom were selected to take part in the Foil Academy Cup. The final days of racing were charged with that extra adrenalin that allowed us to close the “Clinic” with a very full schedule of races. The presence of Checco Bruni was a highlight in this Cagliari stage, consolidating the link between the Next Generation Foil Academy and the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team: both represent the ultimate standard of excellence for those who fly on water. We plan to stay in Sardinia until the end of the year, working to organize other events in conjunction with the Sardinia Sailing Cup».

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