Luna Rossa: Fatigue? If you make it your friend, it gets easier


09/05/2024 - 18:05

«I like the taste of a challenge, starting from scratch, measuring myself and others, so I jumped at the chance to join this team, the top of the world in sailing. And I did it despite knowing nothing about sailing and getting seasick, because I need to keep the spark of competition lit». Bruno Rosetti is part of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli's Power Team and competition has always been a part of his life.

Curious and always open to new experiences, he has held a variety of jobs in different countries around the world, including Australia and Kazakhstan (aboard an oil rig). After practicing various sports since childhood, he turned to rowing, where he achieved excellent results at world and European levels before qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, in which he won a bronze medal. Having closed his professional rowing career, he immediately accepted the new challenge as cyclor aboard the AC75 Luna Rossa, where he rejoined some "old" rowing teammates.

«It's the idea of competition that keeps me alive, the desire to win», he says, and one of his strengths is precisely the management of fatigue, learned during his rowing years: «It's always been my strongest point. When I struggle in a race, I think that others are making the same effort, and at that moment something clicks that pushes me to give even more. Fatigue is my ally, if you learn to live with it everything becomes easier».

With the launch of the new Luna Rossa, Bruno has also stepped on board of the America's Cup AC 75 to train and become familiar with this boat, although the final crew has not yet been decided.

«The first thing I thought when I got on the boat was 'finally,' after three years of waiting and working, we finally get to see and try this beautiful flying object. Right after, however, I thought that I must immediately make a good impression to earn my ‘bike saddle' and never let go».

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