Maserati Multi 70

Maserati Multi 70

Maserati Multi 70 and Soldini in the lead 24 hours after the start


26/11/2018 - 09:56

Just under 24 hours after the start of the RORC Transatlantic Race, begun yesterday at 12.00 UTC, Maserati Multi 70 continues sailing in first position, at 2635 miles from the arrival.

The first day was very intense for Giovanni Soldini and his crew: Maserati Multi 70 and PowerPlay, the English MOD 70 skippered by Ned Collier Wakefield, were never more than 3 miles away from each other, always sailing upwind.

Furthermore, three hours after crossing the starting line, the Italian crew had to deal with a damage on board: while lowering the right-side foil, the adjustment system’s rope damaged the horse on which it leverages. The Team immediately got to work to solve the problem and is now waiting for the resin on the new lamination to catalyse.

During the morning today, the close distance duel between the two competing multihulls continues: Maserati Multi 70 is responding very well to the light air conditions, with which PowerPlay, lighter and with less wet surface, is normally advantaged. Continuing towards the finish line, the wind will turn North and the boats will reach the Trade Winds, with which Maserati Multi 70 will be able to express its full potential.

The regatta, organized by the Royal Ocean Racing Club, at its 5th edition, started from Lanzarote, Canary Islands, and will finish in Grenada, Carribean, 2995 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

Maserati Multi 70’s skipper Giovanni Soldini, will be joined by a crew of 6 professional sailors: the Italian Guido Broggi (mainsail trimmer), Nico Malingri and Matteo Soldini (both grinder and trimmer); the Spanish Carlos Hernandez Robayna (trimmer) and Oliver Herrera Perez (bowman); the French François Robert (pitman).

The challenge is supported by Maserati, the main sponsor that gives the name to the trimaran and Aon as co-sponsor, along with the official supplier for the clothing, Ermenegildo Zegna.



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