Giovanni Soldini, Maserati Multi 70

Giovanni Soldini, Maserati Multi 70

Maserati Multi 70 and Soldini are ready for the Transpac


10/07/2019 - 19:10

Giovanni Soldini and Maserati Multi 70’s Team arrived two days ago in Los Angeles for the 50th edition of the Transpacific Yacht Race (Transpac): the regatta will start on Saturday July 13th at 12.30 local time (19.30 UTC, 21.30 Italian time).

The historical ocean race starts from Pt. Fermin, Los Angeles and the finish line, around 2225 miles away, is in Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Maserati Multi 70’s Team is continuing its research and testing in order to optimize the trimaran’s flying performance. Giovanni Soldini explains: «During the last race, the CA 500, we carried out some tests that helped us further improve the rudders’ system. We already tried it out on the water and it seems to work really well».

The crew joining skipper Giovanni Soldini aboard Maserati Multi 70 for this edition of the Transpac is made up of 7 expert sailors:

·         Alberto Bona (IT) – he has been passionate about sailing since his youth, he raced in several classes, including Mini 6.50s and Class 40s. He has many miles of sailing experience, two single-handed Atlantic crossings and 8 victories in the Mini 6.50 class. He has already sailed many miles aboard the Italian trimaran during deliveries, and this edition of the Transpac will be his first race aboard Maserati Multi 70.

·         Guido Broggi (IT), mainsail trimmer - he is Maserati Multi 70’s boat captain and has thousands of miles of ocean sailing under his belt. He has been working alongside Giovanni Soldini for many years, since he was team leader in the building and in the racing preparation of 60’ Fila in 1998. He was part of Maserati Multi 70’s crew for the Tea Route record from Hong Kong to London and, in 2019, for the RORC Caribbean 600 and the CA 500.

·         Carlos Hernandez Robayna (ESP), trimmer – he has many years of sailing experience and has raced in various classes. He has sailed alongside Giovanni Soldini in several regattas and ocean crossings, among which the Transpacific Yacht Race and the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. Aboard Maserati Multi 70, he participated, in 2018, in the Rolex Middle Sea Race and in the RORC Transatlantic Race and, in 2019, in the RORC Caribbean 600.

·         Oliver Herrera Perez (ESP), bowman – throughout his career he raced aboard Ims 500s, Swan 45s and Rc44s. He was previously part of VOR 70 Maserati’s crew and now he continues to race as bowman aboard Maserati Multi 70. He crewed for Giovanni Soldini during the Tea Route record and, in 2019, for the RORC Caribbean 600 and the CA 500.

·         Nico Malingri (IT), grinder and trimmer – he started sailing at a very young age and has conquered two double-handed records with his father Vittorio Malingri aboard a 20-foot-long catamaran: the Marseilles-Carthage in 2016 and the Dakar-Guadeloupe in 2017. Aboard Maserati Multi 70 he participated in the latest editions of the Rolex Middle Sea Race, the RORC Transatlantic Race, the RORC Caribbean 600 and the CA 500.

·         François Robert (FRA), pitman – he participated in many races, among which two Mini Transat and one Transat Jacques Vabre. He was part of the building Team for Giovanni Soldini’s 60’ Fila and Class 40 Telecom Italia. Aboard the Italian trimaran he participated in the latest edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race, the RORC Transatlantic Race and, in 2019, in the CA 500.

·         Matteo Soldini (IT), grinder and trimmer – he has been part of the Maserati Multi 70 project since its start and has participated in many offshore races. He was part of the trimaran’s crew for the latest Rolex Middle Sea Race, the RORC Transatlantic Race, the RORC Caribbean 600 and the CA 500.

Maserati Multi 70’s Team, who already participated in the Transpac of 2017, will compete again with the two MOD 70s that they previously challenged many times: American Argo and British PowerPlay. The two rival trimarans will sail in classic mode, even though Argo is working to develop a flying system and will race with flying rudders.

In addition to beating the record, set in 2017 by the American ORMA 60 Mighty Merloe (4 days, 6 hours, 32 minutes and 30 seconds), the Italian trimaran and its competitors will race for the Rudy Choi Perpetual Trophy, awarded for the fastest multihull elapsed time.



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