Maserati Multi 70 gains miles

Maserati Multi 70 gains miles

The distance between the two super trimarans is decreasing


19/01/2020 - 14:58

At 16 UTC, LoveWater is still in the lead, 326 miles away from the finish line, but Maserati Multi 70 is gaining ground and the distance from its competitor is decreasing, going down to 30 miles.

The Italian trimaran, who sailed 527 miles DMG in the last 24 hours, set route to North-North-West shortly after 12 UTC and, at 16 UTC, is sailing at 23.5 knots, while its opponent is going at 21.4 knots. The finish line is getting closer for Maserati Multi 70, 354 miles away from Rio de Janeiro: the tracking estimates the Italian Team’s arrival for tomorrow morning (UTC).

Giovanni Soldini and his crew are fighting hard to overtake their rival, to conquer the victory in elapsed time, other than the one in corrected time: at the moment the tracking shows Maserati Multi 70 at the top of the multihull leaderboard in corrected time, with 6 hours of advantage over LoveWater.

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