Rolex Swan Cup 2022. Photo courtesy of Daniele Macis

Rolex Swan Cup 2022. Photo courtesy of Daniele Macis

Blustering mistral postpones racing at Rolex Swan Cup


17/09/2022 - 14:40

No racing could take place today in Porto Cervo due to a very strong mistral wind blowing at more than 35 knots, with gusts of well over 40 knots. Conditions that obviously do not allow for safe racing. The Race Committee had continuously monitored the evolution of the situation, ready to position the starting lines in the event the drop in wind indicated by some forecast models had materialised. After postponing the first warning signal, at 2 p.m. the definitive abandonment of racing for today was communicated to all participants. 

Racing will resume tomorrow, Sunday 18 September, the final day of the Rolex Swan Cup, with light to medium winds forecast and the starting signal moved forward one hour to 11 a.m.

This evening from 8.30 p.m. the traditional Rolex Diner Party, open to all participants, will take place at the Hotel Colonna Pevero.

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