The third day of Racing: the Loro Piana Giraglia proves to be an unmissable event

The third day of Racing: the Loro Piana Giraglia proves to be an unmissable event

The third day of Racing: the Loro Piana Giraglia proves to be an unmissable event


10/06/2024 - 17:53

Saint-Tropez, June 10, 2024 – The third day of the Loro Piana Giraglia 2024 was a thrilling experience under a clear blue sky and spectacular sea conditions, with a steady wind between 15 and 20 knots. These elements added an extra layer of excitement to the day of racing, making it a heart-pounding experience for all the yachts in competition in a Gulf that revealed its true potential after the first two uncertain days with overcast skies.

With their unwavering skill and dedication, the crews navigated two challenging courses of 22 miles (IRC and ORC) and 30 miles for the maxis. This not only showcased their exceptional abilities but also the high quality of the participating boats. The finish line, strategically placed a few meters from the breakwater of the port of Saint-Tropez, offered the public a front-row seat to a breathtaking spectacle, allowing them to closely follow the final moments of the races.

The procedures began at 11:30 with the committee initiating the starting sequences: first, the smaller boats, closing the sequence with the large maxis, who today were also engaged in a coastal race rather than around the buoys as on previous days. In Group A of the Maxis, it was another memorable day for Jethou by Sir Peter Ogden, who managed to stay ahead of Peter Harrison's Jolt by a whisker, with a slim lead of 50 seconds in real time, reduced to 12 in corrected time. It was a high-speed race for Roberto Lacorte's foiling prototype FlyingNikka, which captured everyone's attention with a full foiling day. For the record, FN reached speeds of up to 37 knots and completed the 30-mile course in 2h03m, 43 minutes ahead of the second in real-time.

Group B Maxi was a confirming day for Benoit de Froidmont's Wally 60 Wallyno, who alternates at the top of the provisional standings with Guido Paolo Gamucci's Mylius 60 CK Cippa Lippa X.

In the IRC 1 grouping, Carl Peter Forster's TP52 Red Bandit's unstoppable' race' continues to lead the overall standings despite ceding today's first position to Giovanni di Vincenzo's Ker 46 Lisa R (overall winners of the Giraglia in 2023 and 2022, respectively).

It's the same story in the IRC 2 grouping, with Guy Claes' JPK 10.10 Expresso consolidating its position at the top of the overall standings with today's win. The Uruguayan Dufour 40 Lady was the first of the day on the finish line in ORC 1 Group, with the GS44 Windwhisper – fourth today – still leading the overall standings. Among the ORC 2, Luca De Luca's First 34.7 Melagodo continues its streak of first places (1,1,1), leaving little doubt about the top of the standings in its grouping.

Parallel to the intense activity at sea, the new crew village at Tour du Portalet has become a hub of camaraderie and social life. This space, designed to welcome the sailors after the races, has successfully fostered a sense of community, hosting crews in a lively and convivial atmosphere, further enhancing the event's overall experience.

The organization of the Loro Piana Giraglia 2024 expresses great satisfaction with the smooth conduct of the races and the enthusiastic participation of all involved. The favourable weather conditions and excellent logistics have once again reinforced the reputation of this historic regatta as one of the most anticipated and prestigious events in the Mediterranean.

The first leg of the Loro Piana Giraglia is approaching its conclusion, with tomorrow's final day of coastal races scheduled.

The excitement on the dock is growing in anticipation of the start of the' long race,' set for Wednesday, June 12, at 12:00 PM!

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