Alessandro Gallifuoco, CMC Marine USA Vice President

Alessandro Gallifuoco, CMC Marine USA Vice President

CMC Marine opens Us office: the Italian Company lands in Florida


17/10/2018 - 12:41

The Italian Company lands in Florida and opens a new site in Fort Lauderdale, operating as a fully independent unit but wholly-owned by CMC Marine. Under the guidance of Alessandro Gallifuoco, Vice President CMC Marine USA, the American branch will handle sales, assistance and retrofitting. The goal is to consolidate the presence of CMC Marine on the US market and align products with the needs of local customers.

“I am very proud of this new assignment. The United States is an extremely interesting country for CMC Marine, with about 25% of the yachts our systems are installed on navigating in US waters. Having a new site in Florida will allow us to keep a closer eye on the market and work to satisfy demand from a customer base that is, for many aspects, different from the European one” said Alessandro Gallifuoco, the newly-installed Vice President of CMC Marine USA.

The US site will have a mission to distribute the full range of CMC Marine products, as well as investing new resources to improve the assistance service. Having daily contact with customers on the other side of the Atlantic will give the Pisa-based Company the chance to analyse firsthand the needs of a type of owner different from European customers and adapt the details of certain products for the local market, not least in terms of parts.

But distribution will be only one of the US team’s task, they will also assist customers throughout the sales, assistance and refit process, and there are already plans to invest in direct production.

Bringing assistance in house, together with the desire to provide ever better and swifter service, accompanied by a drive for customer retention through direct contact, remain the fundamental pillars underpinning the commercial strategy of CMC Marine, which continues to believe and invest in its future.

The new site at 2019 SW20th in Fort Lauderdale, in the Lauderdale Marine Center, has been open for business since September 2018.

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