CMC Marine at the Southampton International Boat Show  2021

CMC Marine at the Southampton International Boat Show 2021


31/08/2021 - 19:54

CMC Marine is preparing for their debut at the Southampton International Boat Show, to be held from September 10 to 19. As a part of the brand’s expanding presence in the UK and Northern Europe, this event in Southampton is an excellent opportunity to present the Waveless range for not only new buildings, but also refit projects. Exhibited at the CMC Marine stand will be the STAB 25 electric fin stabilizer in the Waveless line, the High Speed Stabilis Electra HS60 system, as well as the GOT2000 monitor, Dualis Electra TP20 thruster, Directa 80 electric steering gear, and, finally, the TRIM 350.

With 21 systems for Sunseeker on order or delivered, the Stabilis Electra fins HS60 for the 88 Yacht and Ocean 90 and the STAB40 Waveless with Trim600 Intruders for the 100 Yacht, CMC Marine is investing heavily in the region. The service and project management teams are based in CMC Marine’s new office in Cobbs Quay, Poole, to serve customers on the south coast.

For the brand’s first ever participation in the Southampton International Boat Show, held this year from September 10 to 19, CMC Marine will showcase the latest offers at their stand to welcome established partners and forge exciting new relationships. It is a chance to meet in person and identify mutual opportunities during this exciting time for the industry.  
CMC Marine products can also be found onboard many of the yachts to be present in Southampton. Sunseeker alone has ordered a total of 21 systems, the HS60 for the 88 Yacht and Ocean 90 and the STAB40 with TRIM 600 Intruders for the 100 Yacht. The event comes following the opening of CMC Marine’s office in Cobbs Quay, Poole, which will ensure that the momentum in this region only continues to build. Customers along the south coast of the UK can now look to CMC Marine as a local supplier. 

At CMC Marine’s stand, visitors will also be able to admire a STAB 25 electric stabilizer fin in operation, one of the models in the Waveless line of ultra-compact electric stabilization systems for yachts 12 metres in length and over, designed with the same advanced technology found in Stabilis Electra stabilizers for larger yachts. Two more solutions will share the spotlight: The Stabilis Electra - High Speed HS60 stabilization system, designed for planing boats, and the TP20, the first electric thruster in the Dualis Electra range, featuring a high thrust to power ratio and an extremely compact footprint.

Other products featured include the GOT2000 monitor screen, Directa 80 electric steering gear and TRIM 350, the smallest of the range, which reaches up from 350mm to 1100mm.

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