The new partnership between CMC Marine and Gyro Marine

The new partnership between CMC Marine and Gyro Marine

The new partnership between CMC Marine and Gyro Marine


02/11/2023 - 13:31

CMC Marine, a leading player in the yacht and superyacht stabilization industry, announces a new strategic partnership with Gyro Marine, a benchmark in the field of marine gyroscope technology. Under the new agreement, Gyro Marine gyroscopes will be integrated into the range of products offered by CMC Marine to its customers around the world, in both the yachting industry and beyond.  

Gyro Marine operates in the design and production of complex engineering products, including large-scale gyroscopes for the international maritime industry. Over the years, both these Italian companies have made a name for themselves by offering the market a wide range of highly innovative, electrically operated products. Gyro Marine’s systems are developed for large boats built by shipyards with which CMC Marine already collaborates on various projects.  

The partnership opens up new opportunities for CMC Marine, giving it access to a wider market and providing an ever more targeted response to the diverse needs of shipyards and owners, becoming the only company in the world to offer both electrically operated stabilization systems and gyroscopes. “Fin stabilizer and gyroscope systems aren’t in conflict with each other,” said Alessandro Cappiello, CEO and founder of CMC Marine. “What they do in fact offer is the possibility of integrating and optimising their stabilization effects both at anchor and under way, as well as of satisfying extremely specific technical requirements. The agreement also marks the start of a new direction for us, one with great potential for developing integration between the two brands’ various products.” 

With this new partnership, CMC Marine and Gyro Marine are gearing up to redefine the marine stabilization industry, offering cutting-edge technical solutions that will satisfy the needs of top shipyards in world markets as part of a collaboration that will be a standard bearer for Italian innovation and excellence around the world. 

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