OSSH handle

OSSH handle

F.lli Razeto & Casareto’s 30th year at METS Amsterdam


18/11/2019 - 15:46

The Ligurian company F.lli Razeto & Casareto showing at METS Amsterdam 2019 in two locations: the Super Yacht Pavilion Stand 10.119 and the Italian Pavilion Stand 01.647

METS, the leading European and international marine equipment trade show, this year celebrates its 32nd outing in Amsterdam between November 19 and 21. For 30 of those editions since 1989, F.lli Razeto e Casareto has been one of the biggest draws in the yacht, superyacht and commercial vessel technical handle and hardware section. This year the Sori-based company is exhibiting its product range at two separate stands in two separate areas of the event: the Super Yacht Pavilion Stand 10.119 and the Italian Pavilion Stand 01.643. It will be presenting a large array of its products and several new arrivals which look set to make it even more attractive to both public and those in the sector alike.

F.lli Razeto e Casareto’s presence in the luxury superyacht pavilion will be dominated by the presentation of a new collection of handles that marry art and technology. A remix of the Free Go model, the Via Flora is the work of Dutch studio, A Crush on Nature.

This luminous door handle has both safety and management features. It also incorporates a new wireless data and power transmission system that works between door and frame.

The new system not only powers the door handles but also allows them to “talk” to each other and other devices by wi-fi, to indicate the status of the space behind the door, be it a cabin, engine room, etc. For now the system does not extend to the lock and uses a mechanical-magnetic apparatus that charges the batteries inside the door itself when the latter is closed, to guarantee emergency escape route lighting even in the case of a blackout.

The new power and data transmission device can be inserted invisibly into any part of the door or frame to meet all kinds of design requirements. Even retrofits are now easier and more economical.

The Via Flora handles also incorporate real floral elements using a special technique which showcases their three-dimensionality with the light source also further enhancing the effect. The collection spans five handles all with natural inserts, each one unique: coloured flowers, robust leaves or fragile rose and tulip petals.

At the traditional F.lli Razeto e Casareto (01.643) stand in the Italian Pavilion, pride of place will be given to, amongst others, the OSSH - Our Souls Saved by the Handle – which is a further refinement of the technology used in the company’s patented luminous products and in this case is applied specifically to safety.

The OSSH door handles light up so that they can be seen in emergency situations and communicate very precise instructions based on the colour they glow: in anti-intrusion and evacuation situations and on fire doors, if there is danger behind the door, the handle will light up red to warn against it being opened. If, however, there is no danger on the other side of the door and it, in fact, offers the best escape route, the handle will glow green. Lastly, if there is a blackout, the handle will light up and act as an emergency light for up to eight hours https://vimeo.com/360326051

When evacuation plans are being implemented, the colour of the door handles will also indicate where a cabin has been checked or not. When anti-intruder plans are being implemented, the handles will indicate whether a door is locked or not. The OSSH handles do not replace systems that comply with the LLL safety standard. They can, nonetheless, be used as a communications interface that can be integrated with said systems as they can provide information in emergency situations, with the door handles acting as an extra emergency alert.

Also in Amsterdam F.lli Razeto e Casareto will be showing the Flush and Nauta handles specifically designed for smaller yachts. These models combine solidity, reliability, performance and exceptional lightness, thanks to their minimalist design. There will also be two new furniture locks which marry the reliability of the award-winning flush lock system with two new handles: the Sansusina, which references the concept and styling cues of the Nauta Sans Souci door handles, and the Flush Lock, now available with a new more ergonomic rectangular design.

The biggest news on the yacht product front is the launch of the luminous free go Leo handle with safety and management functions which also incorporates the same wireless frame-to-foor power and data transmission system as the Via Flora series. The new free go Leo has an even broader safety and management application range and can be endlessly personalised. The result is genuine two-way interface that allows owners, their guests and staff to receive and communicate information directly via the door handle, even in emergency situations.

The Dutch marine equipment trade show also provides the backdrop for the media and sector launch of the redesigned www.freegodesign.com website which F.lli Razeto e Casareto has created especially for its free go (#heartware) range of handles. The latter are innovative in both their designs and materials as well as customisable. They span luminous, tribute and remix collections.

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