'Torqeedo Launches New Ultralight 403 C Electric Outboard'

'Torqeedo Launches New Ultralight 403 C Electric Outboard'

Torqeedo Launches New Ultralight 403 C Electric Outboard


01/04/2020 - 20:08

The Ultralight 403 C is a new, longer-running model of Torqeedo’s smallest electric outboard with integrated lithium battery. The Ultralight 403 C boasts a 915 Wh battery – 2.85 times the battery capacity compared to the standard Ultralight 403 with 320 Wh battery, while adding just 1.7 kg to the overall weight. 

The Ultralight is designed for kayaks, canoes and very light boats and is proven successful in the field with thousands of motors in use around the globe. With a total weight of less than 11 kg, including the high-capacity lithium battery, the Ultralight 403 C is the most efficient electric outboard for kayaks and canoes on the market – with a top speed of 9.8 km/h and a maximum range of more than 100 km at slow speed. 

The Ultralight 403 C comes standard with GPS and a digital display that shows real-time power consumption, battery charge status and remaining range (time or distance). A convenient USB socket charges a phone or powers a light or other electronics. The foldable solar panel (accessory) makes the Ultralight 403 C easy to charge in remote locations or even while underway. The optional TorqTrac app displays all motor information on a smartphone or similar device, and allows you to plan your trip in advance and share your position on a map with estimated time of arrival. 

“Paddlers love the Ultralight 403 and the amount of water it allows you to cover, whether you’re fishing or exploring remote areas where larger boats can’t go. The Ultralight offers increased safety and allows enthusiasts of all skill levels or physical abilities to travel together and have more fun on the water”, said Christoph Ballin, CEO of Torqeedo.

 The new Ultralight 403 C is available for the 2018 watersports season. 

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