Videoworks unveils latest super yacht technology at METS 2017


09/11/2018 - 15:47

Videoworks, leader in the audio/video, entertainment, IT and home automation sectors, will be at the METS in Amsterdam (14-16 November, 2017) with their innovative stand at the Superyacht Pavilion 10.111. 

You will be able to discover the secrets of on-board technology thanks to the company’s Italian team who has been dedicating its 20-plus-year know-how to its clientele to create the best in technological innovation based on individual needs, using the top products that the market has to offer. In order to fully understand the complexity of the integrated onboard services, the rack, the hardware that handles these complex systems, will be on display for the first time.

Once again, the significance of Videoworks’ presence at this year’s METS confirms their visibility in the Northern European market after the foundation of Videoworks Europe BV last year. The offices are in Aalsmeer, in the north of Holland, an area whose shipyards have been renowned for centuries. This choice demonstrates the Italian company’s commitment to stay close to their clients for every phase of each project.


Videoworks presents an innovative product: INTELLIGENT GLASS. This is a transparent and multifunctional adhesive film that can be applied to any kind of glass surface. Once installed, it can change from opaque to transparent, immediately or gradually, by the simple touch of a button. All multimedia content can be beamed on the adhesive film and remotely controlled with ease with the multimedia software for tablets and smartphones created by Videoworks.

This new technology is able to instantaneously change from a transparent to opaque surface or vice-versa and is extremely important for the practical way with which it controls the degree of privacy, the amount of natural light that penetrates the interiors (blocking more than 98% of harmful UV rays) and the amount of heat from that same source. This interesting solution can potentially introduce us to a new way of conceiving a yacht’s interior and exterior design, as it allows the technology itself to become an integral part of the decor for the next generation of yachts.


The new KALEIDESCAPE “STRATO”: the finest 4K ultra HD high dynamic-range movie player. The “Encore” range “Strato” represents the best solution for cinema enthusiasts who want to relive the big screen experience onboard their yacht. Movies are downloaded from the network and stored on the hard disk (integrated on Strato itself or on the external Terra Movie Server). What is really interesting is the movie’s quality:  Ultra HD resolution, up to 60 frames per second. Whether it’s the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or time-honored classics, you’ll be able to watch uncompressed top quality movies.

To best appreciate ultra HD, a 75” Samsung TV connected to an Apple TV system will be visible at the stand. The compatible  MYINFOS software will enable live transmission with Videoworks’ brand new laboratory. The Italian company has, in fact, doubled their workstations, from six to twelve, and has optimized the flow of components that follow a precise path from their entry into the laboratory and testing area, right up to shipping to the end client. This workflow, beginning on January 1st, 2018, will guarantee a twofold increase of production capacity.

The totally virtualized KERIO CONTROL: the Firewall and Anti-Virus solution that allows the client to manage the bandwidth speed and consumption and protects the onboard systems from viruses and intrusions. 


The vast range of sound systems that Videoworks can offer their clients allows the Italian company to supply giga-yachts of over 100 meters in length. At the Dutch trade fair, Videoworks will present top range products designed by JAMES LOUDSPEAKER for unprecedented audio quality. Three state-of-the-art speakers will be on display at the stand: the freestanding pre-amplified C10S6QM model and two in-wall speakers, the QXC820 and 42SA-4, which redefine the listening experience both indoors and outdoors. These systems are made entirely of marine grade aluminum, obviously waterproof, and guarantee a strong and crystalline sound.


A fundamental aspect of Videoworks’ efforts undoubtedly regards after-sales assistance. The company has recently created a new division dedicated exclusively to this service: the YACHT SERVICE DIVISION. This division consists of three interconnected service environments: on call after-sales service (both under guarantee and post-guarantee), scheduled maintenance contract management and refit management.

The Yacht Service Division will ensure non-stop service beginning with installation of the first integrated system until the refit of the same, with the possibility to upgrade the systems throughout the entire life of the vessel.

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