Videoworks at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show with new items and products

Videoworks at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show with new items and products

Videoworks at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show with new items and products


30/09/2022 - 16:16

With 25 years of experience and hundreds of innovative audio/video, entertainment, IT and lighting & comfort systems installed on board superyachts sailing around the world, this year Videoworks is once again at the Monaco Yacht Show, with a considerable number of new items and products.

More and more advanced audio/video systems and an increasingly efficient on-board network are two among the key demands of today’s owners and guests. The new products presented by Videoworks confirm its ability to continue innovating and responding proactively to this growing demand.

Staying connected with the leo satellite system

Staying connected even when routes lead to open waters is increasingly a requirement of all owners and their guests. Surfing on social networks and being able to access video-on-demand streaming platforms (to enjoy a film in high resolution) are pleasures that are difficult to give up, especially if you are on vacation. But it is not just entertainment: often an efficient connection can prove essential when organising a business web conference, which means not having to cut your holiday short.

Thanks to the Videoworks partnership with OneWeb, it is possible to enter a new dimension that guarantees continuous, efficient and fast connection (more than five times higher than the current systems) that is also better value for money. The Internet connection system with LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites ensures a latest-generation Internet browsing experience on board, both in terms of speed and latency.

This is why full use of IP TV and streaming services is guaranteed and why, even out in open waters, the Internet connection will be very similar to the connection guaranteed by 5G technology along the coast. This solution, presented by OneWeb, is the most recent frontier of connection possibilities. During the joint press conference at MYS 2022, the new system was explained, with more information provided on individual features.

Comfort, energy saving and privacy with artificial intelligence on board

The stand in the Monaco Yacht Show is equipped with presence detectors and energy meters that are the basis of a smart system, which allows the profiling of the owner’s and guests’ habits and needs. This is particularly important for chartered vessels, to ensure that the spaces are suitable to the different users’ requirements.

To guarantee maximum privacy, Videoworks has decided to use sensors and Bluetooth LE technology, which allow the identification of people via smartphone, making cameras on board unnecessary. The potential of artificial intelligence does not stop at these two important features, but also achieves significant energy savings, thanks to the optimisation of the use of lights, the temperature of the rooms, the air conditioning and all the other equipment onboard. This advantage in economic terms but, above all, in terms of autonomy, has a double objective: to improve the quality of life on board and at the same time avoid energy waste.

Lighting innovations and not only for "disco" environments

Among the trends encountered with increasing frequency among owners, there is undoubtedly the desire to organise entertainment events on board, right up to disco-like settings, with the option of creating high-impact lighting patterns such as pixelated RGBW LED strips. With Videoworks systems, colours and patterns can change in time with the music.

A part of the stand has therefore been dedicated to a setting inspired by the "disco" environment, which is a novelty in the lighting field and can be adapted and used in various ways, e.g. architectural applications in step with the circadian rhythm, based on the cyclical variations that involve every day biological activities. Here is yet another example of how nothing is left to chance in the Videoworks design philosophy, which aims at always providing fully customisable solutions to match owner preferences.

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