Messe Düsseldorf/ct

Messe Düsseldorf/ct

The blue innovation dock at boot Düsseldorf 2023


05/12/2022 - 16:31

From 21st to 29th January, boot Düsseldorf will kick off for the first time with the blue innovation dock (bid) in Hall 10 of the fair. On all nine days of the fair, the focus will be on future-relevant topics such as sustainability in boat building, alternative drives or the innovative design of modern marinas. International experts from the water sports and boat building industry, European politicians as well as representatives of institutes and associations will discuss and present solutions for the implementation of climate goals, sustainable tourism or the development of recyclable materials.

Excerpt from the list of speakers:

„What is your vision for innovation and sustainability in the boating industry?”

Francesca Goi (Independent Consultant)
The way towards sustainability is a real challenge for this industry: boats are complex products, in which different technologies and materials coexist. The high level of customization and craftsmanship, which are pride of this sector, make the process mapping challenging. Nevertheless, sustainability is finally at the heart of the development strategies for many brands. The shift towards a more sustainable boating can only go through innovation: a responsibility, but also a great opportunity for a sector that trough magnificent objects make customers’ dreams come true.

Tim-Eike Krebs (Chairman of the committee for Quality, Federal Canoe Assosiation - BVKanu)
When it comes to boating and sustainability, we don’t only need awareness and responsibility by decision-makers, but also a well developed infrastructure and modern management-systems in water tourism areas.

Francis Hueber (Co-Founder & CEO, Caponnetto Hueber SL)
Our goal is to use our creativity, innovation-driven thinking, and extensive fluid dynamics knowledge to improve the nautical and maritime industries, to make them more efficient from an energy point of view, and ultimately decarbonize them through effective design and optimization, foiling for small and medium crafts, and development of alternative 0-emission propulsion systems for large vessels.

Amedeo Migali (Managing Director, Micad)
We need an Eco Design Thinking -  A human-centered process for creative problem solving to stay closer to the users, and all other related stakeholder, keeping in mind the importance of environmental protection, for future generations.s

Oto Dzenis (Manager, Marina Auda Riga)
I believe that the future is in quality and environmentally friendly boats made for sustainable use in connection with the boat sharing platform.

Karlheinz Jungbeck (Tourism President, ADAC e.V.)
The boating industry and sector can make a special contribution to sustainability in tourism by massively intensifying existing efforts and implementing innovations as quickly as possible.

Nicholas Ball (CEO & Co-Founder, XFuel)
Our goal is to accelerate decarbonisation for marine industries by creating sustainably-sourced and scalable advanced fuels, that can be used as a direct replacement to diesel based marine fuels, and help boat owners and operators to seamlessly cut their emissions today – without the need for new infrastructure, switching fleets or retrofits.

Laurent Probst (Partner, PwC Luxembourg)
The transformation and innovation for a sustainable boating industry can be accelerated by developing the venture capital market size for the sector. Focus should be put on the cooperation with other blue economy sectors as well as on the capacity building for investors and SMEs.

Melanie Symes (Secretary, TransEurope Marinas)
As challenges surrounding ocean health and climate breakdown become increasingly evident, more collaborative effort across the board is needed to help the nautical tourism industry better serve its local and wider communities. This includes understanding and addressing harmful impacts, better resource efficiency, employing green infrastructure, facilitating public access to the ocean, promoting more diversity in the workplace and taking steps to develop new nautical activities such as marine science tourism.

Karl-Oskar Tjernström (Fossil Free Marine, Co-founder and CEO)
My vision is that every popular boating destination will be able to supply sustainable fuels for existing boats, to drastically cut emissions right now, as well as fast charging to electric boats, creating a positive spiral of electric boat adoption, as existing boats are gradually replaced.

Ollie Taylor (Associate Director, Anthesis Consulting Group)
A marine industry that truly takes into account the full impacts of their products, placing lifecycle assessment at the heart of all decision making, ensuring we deliver the lowest possible impact on both planet and people.

Roberto Perocchio (President, Assomarinas)
Electric propulsion with both slow or fast charge for short range boaters, Hydrogen and Methanol (with fuel cell or combustion engine) for long range yachting.

Linos Voskarides (Policy Officer for Coastal and Maritime Tourism, European Commission DG MARE)
My “vision” for the boating industry is to see boats that are easily accessible to a large public and with zero CO2 emissions, connected between them and with the marinas (and marinas connected between them)

Gabbi Richardson (Founder and CEO of Yachting Ventures)
We need to address the funding gap and develop a robust framework to financially support founders developing new technologies addressing environmental impact and bringing innovations to market, especially where long R&D periods are required before a business can start generating revenue.

Felix Leinemann (Head of Unit “Blue Economy Sectors and Maritime Spatial Planning”, European Commission, DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries)
I am pleased to see that the boating industry embraces the European Commission’s new approach for a sustainable blue economy, committing to a transformation together with other maritime sectors.

Benno Weissner (Project Manager, ZENIT – Center for Innnovation and Technogy)
People and technology must be reconciled for a clean industry

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