Ocean Tribute Award delighted about the UN Convention

Ocean Tribute Award delighted about the UN Convention

Ocean Tribute Award delighted about the UN Convention


08/03/2023 - 16:33

The initiators of the "ocean tribute" Award are delighted to welcome the current UN Convention on the Protection of the Seas. The German Ocean Foundation, the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco and boot Düsseldorf are thus fully in line with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and also see the agreement as a very important step towards protecting our oceans. In particular, the fact that 30 per cent of the oceans are now designated as protected areas is a huge milestone for the foundations and boot Düsseldorf.

The board member of the German Marine Foundation, Frank Schweikert, has put his life in the service of the oceans for many years and also sees the agreement as a success for the many NGOs that tirelessly fight for the oceans with great commitment. "This agreement is a great achievement and important recognition for all the organisations that have been working for a long time to better protect the world's oceans and thanks to all of them for this remarkable commitment," says Schweikert.

For Petros Michelidakis, Director of boot Düsseldorf, the Ocean Protection Agreement is also indispensable: "For many decades, we have been offering the topic of ocean protection a large platform at boot with high publicity value. With the presentation of the "ocean tribute" award, the "love your ocean" campaign as well as our new sustainability forum "blue innovation dock", we are on a very good path towards putting the importance of marine conservation in people's focus."

The call for applications for the "ocean tribute" Award 2024 will be open online from May 2023. Research institutions, organisations and innovative companies are invited to present their ideas for ocean protection. The Austrian manufacturer Innovation Yachts won this year's award with its development of a new, completely recyclable boat that is electrically powered by solar energy and a hydrogenerator, and was presented with the award at boot Düsseldorf 2023 in January.

Information about boot Düsseldorf is available at www.boot.com. Companies can also register for the next boot from 20 to 28 January 2024 in Düsseldorf from May.

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