Valencia Boat Show

Valencia Boat Show

New management team for the Valencia Boat Show


11/05/2018 - 11:03

The Valencia Boat Show has a new management team for the 2018 edition. Following the elections held last March, Mercedes Gomis became the new president of the Union of Nautical Companies (UEN), organising body of the Valencia Boat Show next to Valencia Marina. In the interest of the organisation of the show, a working group has been put together, made up by seven UEN managers who, together with Consorcio Valencia 2007, have drawn up the strategic guidelines of the next edition of the Valencia Boat Show.

Each of the managers of the Union of Nautical Companies will be responsible for one of the main areas of the show and will work closely with contract-based professionals. Mercedes Gomis herself will be responsible for overall management, Jordi Pujol will be in charge of the treasury area, while Berto Salom and José Ramón Alagarda will team up for the sales area. Esther Ballester will be in charge of coordinating the marketing and communications area and the production of the show will be the responsibility of Miguel Ferrà and Alfonso Alcocer, who will again be in charge of production on the water.

The Valencia Boat Show, which will be held from the 31st of October to the 4th of November 2018, will again have a wide selection of new boats from the main national and international boatyards as well as engines, electronics, accessories and nautical services by the main brands. Water sports such as surfing, kitesurf, paddle surf, kayaking and diving will also have the opportunity to present their products and novelties at Valencia Marina.

Also scheduled for this year are a number of parallel activities such as professional meetings in the nautical sector, talks and workshops for boat skippers and owners and nautical users, and a wide range of leisure activities for the whole family on the open day.

New image for the Valencia Boat Show 2018
The Valencia Boat Show has also revamped its image for the next edition, retaining the symbol of the sail divided into 5 parts representing the five continents, and modifying the background to give it a colour more similar to that of the sea of ​​the Gulf of Valencia.

Presence in Palma and Denia
Last week, the representatives of the Valencia Boat Show attended the Palma Boat Show and the Denia Boat Show, where they were promoting the next edition of the show, and where some companies such as Solé Diesel or Whisper Power have already formalised their pre-registration for the event. The show again offers a 50% discount on the registration fee for those who formalise their registration before the 15th of June.

“The Valencia Boat Show has already come a long way, we want it to continue to grow in an orderly and professional manner together with Valencia Marina. We have a great management team made up of professionals from all areas of the nautical sector, from boat sales to engines and various services, and we are working together to ensure that the Valencia Boat Show continues on this growth path, with more new boats, products and activities for all nautical users”, says Mercedes Gomis, president of the Union of Nautical Companies and director of the Valencia Boat Show.

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