Y-40 The Deep Joy

Y-40 The Deep Joy

Boot Dusseldorf 2017: the world deepest pool, the only one with thermal water


01/08/2017 - 13:31

In Montegrotto Terme, in Padova city, near to Venice, in summer 2014, Y-40® The Deep Joy has opened, as the deepest pool in the world, the only one for divers with thermal water. 

Y-40® has given a new energy to all the Euganean thermal land that is now the point of reference for the world's underwater activities.

Y-40® has a water mirror of 21x18m, a maximum depth of 42,15m, many medium depths, four underwater caves for technicians activities and 4300mc of thermal water at 32-34°C, where you can dive and swim only with swimsuit, without the diving suit.

365 days a year to use meeting rooms for freediving and scubadiving courses, the space of a cinema set and areas for photo shooting, a secure hole for professional exercises, a place to live different water experiences. The diving pool is in the park of Hotel Terme Millepini, a 4 stars hotel with thermal pool and SPA, with many excellent services: congress center, briefing areas, thermal spa, wellness center, restaurant.

A project and a building completely realized by Italian factories, according the idea of the Architect Emanuele Boaretto and Boaretto Hotel Group, with high profile professionals, experts of different underwater disciplines, and many new ideas given by experiences, focus groups and meetings with final clients. 

"Y-40® is the only pool so deep with thermal water: a particularity that can not to be moved anywhere - says Emanuele Boaretto, project planner and designer. - Our ambition is to open a new job perspective in medium and long period, to guarantee prosperity also to our land and our society".

Y-40® a masterpiece of architecture and engineering.
Y-40®, planned and designed by the Architect Emanuele Boaretto and realized in a year by Boaretto Hotel Group, is an architectural masterpiece, for the technical attention to environment, history and beauty of the landscape, but also an engineering masterpiece, for the ability of professionals to solve every new problem under construction.

Y-40® a pool for underwater activities.
The uniqueness of Y-40® is appealing for the underwater activities lovers, that during the holidays in Abano Montegrotto Terme know also the thermal good effects.

For this, this pool is giving also a precious contribute to Universities and scientific and medical research centers that in good conditions can study water pressure on human body. 60 among the greatest centers of underwater medicine and hyperbaric research are already doing experimentations. 

•    Y-40®: diving pool with thermal water, for scubadivers and freedivers;
•    Open 365 days a year;
•    Record depth 42,15m (more than a 13 floors building);
•    Thermal water temperature: 32-34°C;
•    Volume of thermal water pool: 4.300mc³;
•    The first and unique tunnel suspended into the water and transparent (long 13m);
•    Pool surface: 21m x 18m;
•    Different depth platforms: -1,3m,-5m,-6m,-8m,-10m,-12m,-15, -42,15m;
•    Underwater caves planned to have courses for every level, from the bases to the professionals.

Y-40®, the record pool for record champions.
On 5th june 2014, opening day, Y-40® has been registered officially on Guinness World Records.

A lot of main characters of water activities are come to the pool from the opening:
Enzo Maiorca, one of the first freediving record men, opened the deepest pool with the daughter and champion Patrizia Maiorca;
Umberto Pelizzari, the most popoular freediver, world champion in all the deep disciplines, with the historycal record of -150 metres no limits, now testimonial di Y-40®, president and founder of Apnea Academy (first freediving school in the world) with the technical director of Y-40®, Marco Mardollo;
Ilaria Molinari, the Italian freediving champion that surpassed Rossana Maiorca record. She's the official mermaid of Y-40® events,
Herbert Nitsch, the Austrian freediver that conquered more than 33 mondial record and actually has the No-Limits record, for the incredible depth of -253.20 metres,
Guillaume Néry, the French freediving champion in costant weight at -125 metres, 
Pierre Frolla, the Monegasque freediver in viariable weight of -123 metres,
Stig Severinsen, the Danish recordman of dynamic freediving no fins at 166 metri, better known for the incredible dives under ice and for 22 minutes without breathe,
Andrea Zuccari, Italian recordman in No-Limits freediving at Sharm El Sheik with 175 meters depth in a diving time of 3 minutes e 13 seconds, 
Ilaria Bonin, first woman which realized 6 world record in dynamic freedive, 2 world gold, 2 European gold, only in 2 years, 
Alessia Zecchini, the Italian freediver who realized in 2015 4 world record in 4 different disciplines of female freedive,
Italian National Synchro Team in Y-40® for the weeks before the races,
Italian National Freediving Team FIPSAS,
George Bovel III of ADN Swim Project, swimmer from Trinidad e Tobago, world number one, winner of a lot of world and olympic competition,
Stefano Figini, world record of fin swimming,
Marco Bardi, Cico Nat (Francesco Natale), Stefano Claut, some of the most popular champions of freediving fishing.

Many champions visited the world's deepest pool: 
Domenico Fioravanti first Italian swimmer who wins a gold medal in the Olympic Games (Sydney 2000), winning both the 100 m and 200 m breaststroke races,
Andrea Lucchetta, historical chaptain of Italian volleyball team, 
Italian National Rugby Team Under 20 with the coach Alessandro Troncon, Italian Team scrum half until 2007

Many champions dived in the world's deepest pool:
Igor Cassina, gymnast who won gold in the men's horizontal bar at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens,
Filippo Magnini, swimmer who was twice 100 metres freestyle World champion and three times European champion at that distance.
Carlton Myers, historical captain of Italian National Basketball Team,
Mara Navarria, fencer who won bronce with sword team in Catania 2011 and Kazan' 2014 World Championship,
Gianmaria Gabbiani, offshore driver and World Champion Powerboat Endurance gr.B in 2012 and 2011.

Also some Italian tv show men dived in Y-40®, as Flavio Insinna and Marco Bianchi, 
and some culture characters visited it, as the writers Valerio Massimo Manfredi and Umberto Curi.

Y-40®, a great opportunity for the territory.
Y-40® has all the numbers to become a great flywheel who gives a new push to the turistic station of Thermae Abano Montegrotto. And it's doing it. So in the Euganean Hills it's born a new and particular unicity element. To the international prestige of recognized therapeutic values of thermal water and mud, wellness centers and many comfortable hotels, it has joined now the world's deepest pool, which uses just the same natural richness of this land: the thermal water.

- 100.000 visitors and divers have been in the first year of activity in Y-40®, with about 10% of strangers, most from East Europe.
- More than 1000 certifications in a year have done Y-40® the biggest diving center in the world.

- Not only Europeans came to Montegrotto Terme for the first time because of Y-40® but also a lot of visitors from Australia, Alaska, Philippines, Israel, Arabic Emirates, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailandia, Canada, South-Africa, Japan, China, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, USA and many other countries.

- About 60 international films have been shooted in Y-40®, like MOMENTUM, the movie about freediving, a hit video and a tv advertising.

- About 100 reportages in tv news of all over the world, also for CNN, ZDF, BBC Radio, RAI, Mediaset and SKY.

- Giovanni Allevi, the Italian musician, gave his music ARIA as soundtrack for the freediving shows of the mermaid Ilaria Molinari.

- From March to May 2016, Y-40® and the mermaid Ilaria Molinari have been every Tuesday on tv show Grand Hotel Chiambretti on Canale 5. 

- Y-40® obtained the 5 stars prize for the accessibility of the pool given by the Handicapped Scuba Association.

- The architect Emanuele Boaretto received a Special Prize at the 7th Pool & Spa EXPO and International Congress in Bologna for the Italian project and the international relevance of the realization of the deepest pool.
He was invited then at Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice to tell to some of the greatest architects “The wellness research thanks to the water. Case-history: Y-40® the pool of the records”.

- Y-40® has become a public cultural place for rock concerts, cooking shows, book presentations, parties.

- On 16th of January 2015 the scubadiver Alberto Calesella, Platinum Course Director PADI, dived on a bike into the 42 metres depth of Y-40® and came back recording the indoor record.

- Two marriage requests have been officialized in the depth of Y-40®.

- Y-40® collaborates with some charity organizations as Wamba e Athena Onlus, Fondazione Umberto Veronesi and Associazione SMAile.

- On 5th of March 2016, Y-40® The Deep Joy and the architect Emanuele Boaretto, designer of the pool, received the Tridente d'Oro, also known as the “nobel of underwater world” which was given also to Jacques Cousteau, Walt Disney, Enzo Maiorca.
During the ceremony at the EudiShow Bologna, 24th ed. European Exhibition of Underwater Activities, they received the prize for the important contribution to the development, to the knowledge and the promotion of underwater activities (science, technics, art, culture, sport, knowledge) and the diffusion of the culture in the 

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