Naviop CSD 3200

Naviop CSD 3200

Centrostiledesign designs the new Naviop CSD 3200 technology platform


30/11/2018 - 10:05

CSD 3200 is a hi-tech multifunction bridge devised by Centrostiledesign CEO Davide Cipriani for Naviop, the leading provider of marine monitoring and control systems. Featuring great ease of use and an attractive design, it is the ideal system to install on board latest generation yachts.

CSD 3200 is the new integrated ship control system offering highly innovative functionality and ease of use, developed by Davide Cipriani’s Centrostiledesign for Italian company Naviop. The design features sleek contours, while the focal point of the bridge is the folded glass slab that houses the touch screen monitors. The central cover in Nabuk has contrast stitching, gold accents and can be customised with upholstery in fabric or any natural leather in the Foglizzo collection.

Plug and play technology also makes this system ideal for installation on board new generation super yachts.

The new multifunction bridge, designed to be easily adapted for different helm rooms, consists of: four display monitors that free up the visual space, a full glass surface with incorporated touch screen monitors, a wheel with reworked proportions for ease of use and, finally, a steel pedestal for fully free-standing console installation in the helm area.

This innovative bridge also has an electrically powered system to move the upper display and restore unprecedented visibility to helm rooms.

After making its world debut at Mets 2018, where it aroused great interest, it will soon be installed on yachts built by leading Italian and international shipyards, which have chosen it both for its technology and functionality, as well as for its modern, appealing and customisable aesthetic.

“Working with an industry-leading company like Naviop is a source of great pride and satisfaction for us,” commented Cipriani who, referring to the new product, said he is “convinced the new system can win a sizeable slice of the market, because it can be adapted for yachts of different types and sizes”.

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