Small boat cruising in soft inflatable boats

Small boat cruising in soft inflatable boats

Suzuki provides the ideal outboards for small boat cruising


By Suzuki
26/12/2019 - 16:47

Small boat cruising in soft inflatable boats (SIBS) has many advantages, such as being able to roll them up for easy storage/transportation, their quick assembly, ease of launching and relative low ownership cost.

One such advocate of small boat cruising is Peter Talbot, who is an experienced boater from the UK, and has owned small Zodiac inflatables for 15 years, travelling over 2,000 miles in them. Peter has enjoyed mixing day trips of varying distances, with longer multi-day journeys camping along the way, along coasts, rivers, canals, lakes and lochs, throughout the UK and also in Norway and Sweden.

Peter has previously owned Suzuki outboards (4hp/6hp) and when he upgraded to his current 3.5m Zodiac he was keen to remain with the same outboard brand so looked closely at the range for the best match for the boat and his type of boating, which requires his outboard to be lifted in and out of his hatchback car.

Suzuki’s range of small, lightweight and portable outboards (2.5hp-30hp) are ideal for small boat cruising, which opens up all sorts of opportunities for boating adventures.

After consultation with his local Authorised Suzuki Dealer, Peter opted for the DF20A and when reporting back on its performance he said, “I have been really impressed with my Suzuki DF20A. There is a lot more power than with my previous outboards and I find that it planes comfortably with two people and some kit on board. It also has a great purr!”

Peter’s first multi-day camping trip, along the spectacular Caledonian Canal (which links Fort William to Inverness along Scotland’s Great Glen, via Lochs Lochy, Oich and Ness) has been followed by a number of similar journeys.

With his boat and outboard fitting in his car, with room to spare, Peter has also enjoyed adventures further afield by road and car ferry. In terms of highlights, Peter sites his separate adventures in the Hardangerfjorden and Storfjorden regions of Norway as particularly memorable due to the world famous, fjord scenery.

In Storfjorden, he made good use of his DF20A Suzuki, and covered up to 60 miles per day. Closer to home, highlights have included trips on the West Coast of Scotland, and seeing a range of wildlife such as dolphins, porpoises and seals whilst out on the water in various locations. Peter looks forward to more trips with friends in the future, powered by his Suzuki.

The Suzuki DF15A, DF20A, DF25A and DF30A all feature a unique battery-less electronic fuel injection system. This delivers a number of end-user benefits, such as quicker and easier starts, a more responsive performance, cleaner running and a more economic fuel consumption thanks to Suzuki’s Lean Burn Fuel Control technology.

Suzuki DF20A Outboard
Suzuki DF20A Outboard

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