Torqeedo's strategy to forge the first modern, enterprise-scale company

Torqeedo's strategy to forge the first modern, enterprise-scale company

Torqeedo's strategy to forge the first modern, enterprise-scale company


12/10/2020 - 20:05

Gilching, Germany (October 9, 2020) - Torqeedo today released an interview in which Dr Michael Rummel, managing director of Torqeedo GmbH, discussed the global trends which are shaping Torqeedo's growth strategies. 

"Torqeedo’s objective is to make marine mobility climate-neutral. We have a 15-year history of innovation and performance as we created and refined the technology for e-mobility on the water," Rummel said.

"Now, the time is right and the technology is ready. We can provide electric drive systems which are not only climate-friendly but are budget-friendly, too, in terms of the total cost of ownership and lowering recurring fuel and maintenance costs."

Torqeedo is preparing for rapid expansion and refining its offerings for the commercial marine market.

"To better support the professional user, we are developing even stronger commercial products and services. This means standardised, modular systems, and commercial-grade components. We are working with regulatory agencies around the world to create robust and protective safety standards for commercial electric vessels and pursuing component-level certifications," Rummel said in the interview.

"This also means further development of our current system architecture with a focus on simplicity, and developing even more emission-free boat packages for OEMs and commercial users. As part of the DEUTZ Group, Torqeedo has a unique opportunity to leverage our strengths as a global company and further develop our worldwide service network."

Rummel further predicts that investments in green technology will expand as economies emerge from the corona crisis and cities modernize their commuter infrastructure.

"Environmental and economic experts are calling for a 'green recovery' that prioritises renewable energy, electrification, efficiency, smart mobility, and more resilient infrastructure," Rummel said. "I believe we will see rapid electrification of the inland transport and water taxi and ferry markets over the next few years. Cities are realising electric mobility’s potential to reduce congestion, improve urban air quality and protect the climate and human health. The time is now."

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