Yanmar's catalytic reactor.

Yanmar's catalytic reactor.

Yanmar ships 1,500 units of Yanmar's Marine SCR System


By Yanmar
15/08/2022 - 21:04

Yanmar Power Technology Co., Ltd., a Yanmar Group company, has received orders for over 2,200 units of its proprietary exhaust gas after-treatment system. Yanmar has shipped a cumulative total of over 1,500 units*1 of the SCR System*2 since the first unit was shipped in 2015. The catalytic reactors can be used on Yanmar's 6EY and 8EY series marine engines to reduce emissions.

SCR is an exhaust purification technology to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted from diesel engines. YPT has succeeded in developing an SCR system that can independently meet IMO*3 Tier 3 regulations which require a significant NOx reduction of 80% compared to Tier 1 regulations. The lineup features a compact design that leverages proprietary technology and know-how to improve the ease of installation on vessels, and optimal control that incorporates the company's own diesel engines. In May, smartphone connectivity was added to the system, and Yanmar is working to reduce the time ship crews spend on engine management, proposing maintenance appropriate to engine conditions.

Yanmar is working to realize our brand statement of A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE with engines, and products and services that improve our customers' Life Cycle Value while caring for the environment.

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