Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Mediterranean Female Offshore Championship

MM Nastro Rosa Mediterranean Female Offshore Championship has started


12/04/2022 - 17:32

The Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Mediterranean Female Offshore Championship, an event that officially opens the racing season of Sailing Series International, which in 2022 will organize the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour and Veloce, as well as the European Championships (in May) and the World Championships (to be defined) Double Mixed Offshore, has started in a light wind from the south-east.

Leaving Genoa and the dock in front of Galata Museo del Mare for La Maddalena, the fleet sailed shoulder to shoulder for the first hour, limiting maneuvers as much as possible in order to maintain the right headway.

The crews composed by Claudia Rossi and Cecilia Zorzi (engaged on the Beneteau Figaro 3 Mexedia Sailing Project) and Kate Ledgard and Katarina Svedjefalt were on time on the starting line with a slight margin on the pursuers, led by Knuppel-Cantero and Aalburg-Fischer.

According to the weather forecast, the navigation to La Maddalena, 297 miles to be completed leaving Corsica to starboard, should proceed calmly: the sailors should encounter medium-light winds from the southeast, whose tendency should be decreasing and rotate towards the first. clock face.

If the described picture were confirmed, the arrival of the first ones should take place between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

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