Yanmar, X47 Express Cruiser receives 2022 iF Design Award

Yanmar, X47 Express Cruiser receives 2022 iF Design Award

Yanmar, X47 Express Cruiser receives 2022 iF Design Award

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By Yanmar
13/04/2022 - 06:28

Yanmar has announced that it has won the "iF Design Award 2022" from the iF International Forum Design GmbH, for its flagship X47 Express Cruiser.

The iF Design Award is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world and has been held in Germany since 1953. The award is judged by a panel of international design experts who evaluate and select award-winning designs based on strict and neutral judging criteria.

The flagship of the Yanmar brand, the X47 is a high-performance 47-foot cruiser designed by Ken Okuyama that combines stunning performance with sublime comfort. The Express Cruiser was developed for a new marine island-hopping lifestyle where families can travel at high-speed from the marina to uninhabited islands then relax and spend time cruising at leisure.

The award was given in the Product Design category where the X47 was recognized for its exceptional performance, space and facilities that evoke the comforts of home, and superb operability with Yanmar's unique joystick.

The X47 Express Cruiser
The X47 Express Cruiser follows from the X39 which was created as the flagship of the Yanmar brand as part of the Premium Brand Project launched for the company's 100th anniversary in 2012.
Equipped with two ensuite cabins, the Express Cruiser offers outstanding quality accommodation with opulent accommodations bathed in natural light. Living spaces are built with exceptional craftsmanship from a selection of refined materials sourced in Italy creating an atmosphere of beauty and comfort.
The propulsion system is powered by three Yanmar high output "8LV" clean diesel engines, renowned for their compact power, coupled with the ZT370 drive system. The streamlined cabin is designed for aerodynamic performance at high speed and is less susceptible to wind gusts delivering an exciting top speed of 40 kts.


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