PowerGuard PRO-open close up right

PowerGuard PRO-open close up right

Attwood Launches PowerGuard PRO Battery Box


19/01/2023 - 11:56

Attwood is proud to announce the arrival of the PowerGuard PRO. Designed with water resistant ventilation, the new Attwood PowerGuard PRO battery box offers marine grade battery protection and safeguards those onboard.

As one of the most important pieces of hardware on a boat or recreational vehicle it’s crucial to protect onboard batteries, and the Attwood PowerGuard PRO battery box offers the perfect solution. Developed for boaters, anglers, and recreational vehicle owners, PowerGuard PRO brings peace of mind to users as an essential safety item. It shields batteries from the outside elements and threats such as water or other fluid spills, and safeguards them from potential damage caused by vibrations, sudden movements, and jolts and knocks from unsecured stowed items.

Built upon the existing strengths of the PowerGuard 27 Series, the new PowerGuard PRO is designed with improvements that offer real value. Upward facing vents let battery gases escape while minimizing water intake by 94% (compared to the PowerGuard 27 Series) through engineered spill channels, directing rain and splashes away from the batteries inside. Made of lightweight polypropylene composite, PowerGuard PRO is corrosion resistant and provides protection from UV exposure, battery acid leaks, water, and gas, as well as the durability needed to support heavy lead battery cells.


Accessible yet secure

With PowerGuard PRO, the battery is always within reach. Whilst the snap locking lid and reinforced mounting hardware ensures the battery and box stay anchored and secure even in the most extreme conditions, the folding terminal entry panels on either side of the lid provide easy access to the battery terminals without the need to open the box or remove the mounting strap. Furthermore, the versatile bidirectional design of the entry panels allow terminal wires to be connected from any angle required.


The PowerGuard PRO has spacer blocks which are removable to fit Group 24, 27 and 31 batteries. The extra space in the box when using with the smaller Series 24 battery can be filled with clever free-play reduction blocks that ensure the batteries are kept secure within the box, and limit damage to box and battery alike.

Inside dimensions with lid (l x w x h)

33.3cm x 17.80cm x 28cm

Outside dimensions with lid (l x w x h)

53.34cm x 28..60cm x 29.20cm

“Navico Group is pleased to introduce the Attwood PowerGuard PRO as a new and improved battery box option,” said Simon McFarland, Product Manager, Performance Components at Navico Group. “Losing power onboard a boat or vehicle due to battery failure can be very bothersome and dangerous, and using the PowerGuard PRO with the many features to protect the battery can help prevent this from happening.”

PowerGuard PRO open face left2
PowerGuard PRO open face left2
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