Baltic 146 PATH - Dan-Erik Olsen

Baltic 146 PATH - Dan-Erik Olsen

Protection against lightning strikes with the Marine DDCE


23/08/2021 - 18:50

A lightning strike to a yacht is no pleasure and above all dangerous – besides the damage, owners have to cope with the lost season, the loss of charter income and of course a lasting feeling of insecurity. ELNA GmbH now offers a remedy with the Marine DDCE.
For several years now, the damages caused by lightning strikes on yachts have been increasing. Reported incidents, up to and including total losses, have tripled and experts expect the numbers to continue to rise. ELNA GmbH, based near Hamburg, now offers a special lightning protection system that some large yacht owners have already had installed on the masts of their vessels. Among others, the so-called Marine DDCE has been delivered on a Swan 115, a Baltic 146 and a 43-metre Royal Huisman. 
The Marine DDCE system, manufactured by Dinnteco in Spain and distributed exclusively in Europe by ELNA, prevents the occurrence of lightning within a protective radius of up to 100 metres by means of a patented system. This means that the so-called upward streamer, which is necessary for the main discharge, can no longer occur. This reliably prevents direct lightning strikes to the yacht to be protected. The unit only requires sufficient earthing, no power supply is necessary.
With a weight starting at 2.45 kilograms, the device made of stainless steel can also be easily installed on sailing yachts from approx. 45 feet. 
"Until now, motor and sailing yachts have not been in the focus of attention when it comes to lightning protection, because even if lightning is discharged, damage is often caused by the constructional conditions of yachts. With the Marine DDCE, direct lightning strikes to the protected structure are avoided by 98%. This is the first time that an effective solution has been developed for lightning protection on yachts. ", says Leif Schick, Managing Director of ELNA. "The DDCE system has already been protecting buildings for many years with amazing results. With the Marine DDCE we can now offer a device explicitly designed for the requirements and harsh conditions at sea."
Pantaenius' yacht insurance specialists also welcome the new offering. "Incidents of lightning strikes on yachts have increased sharply in recent years," knows Holger Flindt, Head of Claims at Pantaenius. "Not always but very often a direct or indirect lightning strike means a considerable danger for people and material. In such a case, a properly installed lightning protection system such as the DDCE system not only protects against damage and injury, but also against any excess in the event of a claim." 
The Marine DDCE will is suitable for any size of yacht and will be displayed on the Pantaenius stand at the Cannes Yachting Festival (QSP134) and at the Monaco Yacht Show (QH1). You can also see an installed Marine DDCE on the brand-new Baltic 146 PATH, moored directly opposite the Yacht Club during the Monaco Yacht Show.

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