RS Electric announces a new Spanish distributor

RS Electric announces a new Spanish distributor

RS Electric announces a new Spanish distributor


05/04/2023 - 16:45

RS Electric is delighted to announce that it now has a new dealer in Spain and three other demo locations across Europe including the Netherlands, Italy and France.

Nauta Systems ( is based in Roses and will also be going to Barcelona. The company is headed by Daniel Schneider and Adria Fradera who say:

"We've wanted to offer an electric RIB for some time and have now found exactly what we wanted with the Pulse 63. It is robust, reliable and does what our customers need it to do – deliver a high-quality performance while protecting the environment."

Until now Nauta Systems has specialised in converting boats to electric or hybrid. It also provides solutions to the problems of implementing electric propulsion systems in new boats and prides itself on its ecological and reliable propulsion systems.

"The eyes of the sailing community are focused on Spain at the moment with the upcoming America's Cup and this is an excellent time for that community to start taking electric RIBs seriously. They are the future and we are here, ready, with what we consider to be the best one in the world right now."

What makes the Pulse so special is that it is designed around the electric drive and the associated battery pack. As a result, the working space in the cockpit is optimal and the hull shape contributes to the range of the boat, without making concessions to the sailing characteristics. It has a top speed of 23 knots and a long range (45nm in 15 knots). 

Those wishing to trial a commercial Pulse in the Netherlands can arrange an appointment with Duco Snjider from Energyboats which has acquired the boat for's fleet. [email protected]. It is expected to be in use during the Dutch Water Week, The Ocean Race, the World Sailing Championships in The Hague and the Pride in Amsterdam.

"Two years ago, I ran into this boat for the first time, then still a prototype," says Snjider. "But it felt good right away. The vision behind the boat, the people who developed it and the materials used and different versions ensure a complete and high-quality product. Over the past two years, we have experienced the development process very closely. The version as it is now finished and ready to be used. In our view, the Pulse 63 really meets a need. As a sailing coach or supervisor, you can easily spend a day on the water with the Pulse 63 and carry out your work without having to recharge."

In Italy Pietro Negri and Davide Casetti from Negrinautica have bought a Coach Pulse. This follows a conference which the company (one of the largest watersports distributors in Europe) hosted earlier in 2023 to underpin the strategic aim to see north end of the lake's events facilitated by an electric RIB fleet by 2024.

Negrinautica has a facility in Lake Garda and a long-standing successful relationship with RS Sailing, and thus, a keen interest in what RS Electric ( - part of the RS Marine Group - could offer. And now the company is offering others the opportunity to trial the Coach Pulse in its stunning surroundings. [email protected]

As well as in the UK, where the RS Marine Group is well known for offering demos and loans of the Pulse 63, French customers will now be able to access the Pulse in Hyres, Marseille and Lorient come late April. This one will be available to trial by contacting Nico Honor from RS Sailing France. [email protected].

"The speed at which the market is taking to the Pulse 63 underpins the quality of this electric rib," says Jon Partridge, RS Marine Group CEO. "We've known it is something special since we evolved our previous iteration into what buyers get today. This is all down to the strength of RS Marine Group's close synergetic relationship between its component parts. We learn from, and support, one another across the board, always working to our key aim of making everything we do as sustainable as we can."

Alex Newton-Southon – RS Electric Boats' Design and Technologies CEO - agrees: "We have been working on the Pulse 63 for over four years. In the past year companies like Energyboats have made several test sails and had several demo versions in their events for testing. This is important because the Pulse has been further developed through feedback from the field. Companies like (and including) Energyboats are therefore super valuable partners for us. We know that this version of the Pulse 63 is ready to hit the market."

The Pulse 63 is at the forefront of electric technology. It can run at speeds of up to 23 knots with a range of up to 100 nautical miles, depending on the average speed. It's 100% electric, uses emissions-free propulsion, and is made in the UK using sustainable materials and incorporates some of the most advanced electric propulsion technology available. It also introduces new benefits to RIB drivers such as increased acceleration, excellent manoeuvrability and low running costs.

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