Bolide 80

Bolide 80

Victory Design: Bolide 80 the first Hyper Muscle Yacht

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20/06/2023 - 19:41

Bolide 80: the first Hyper Muscle Yacht in the range born from the experience of the founder Brunello Acampora and his international team of designers and engineers, has left Victory Marine's Hangar 4 in Tombolo (Pisa) to complete the shake-down with commissioning of the complete propulsion system, under the expert and excited gaze of the Victory Design team.

Bolide 80 was entirely in-house built by Victory; considered today as the top excellence in the high performance yachting and flag of Made in Italy. This is the first Hyper Muscle yacht of a limited series: 9 + 1 numbered examples for each model, in a range from 60 to 170 feet. Bolide 80 is a full carbon masterpiece, made with high-tech materials as carbon fibre produced by Microtex and special custom structural cores supplied by Diab

“The boat exceeded all the project targets both in terms of top speed – reaching over 70 knots – and at cruising and intermediate speeds. The evolution tests confirmed the perfect maneuverability and total control of the boat at all speeds, thanks to the innovative rudder system with dihedral and to the active steering system supplied by Xenta. The unofficial record of being the fastest yacht in the world was achieved immediately and effortlessly!” – commented Massimo Bruni, Victory Design Technical Manager.

The made in Victory "multi-stepped" hull generates extremely low frictional resistance during navigation, gliding on an emulsion of water and air, like no other hull can do at more than 70 knots, not even with waterjets. During the sea trials, which were carried out between Livorno and Marina di Pisa, Bolide 80 proved to reduce fuel consumption of litres per mile by a third, compared to any yacht of the same length at the same speed; consuming about 10L/m at cruising speed. Furthermore, as the speed difference increases, consumption is halved: at 50 knots Bolide consumes half of a flybridge motoryacht of similar length sailing at 30 knots!

Driving Bolide 80 is even more exciting, thanks to two independent rudders which work as in systems with foiling and which allow the Captain to manage the boat safely even at high speeds. Bolide finds its ideal set-up thanks to the patented T-Drive propulsion system by Flexitab & TS, with composite flaps by Flexitab. The three surface propellers combined with the system, automatically and constantly find the ideal trim angle, thanks to special cylinders tested in the toughest motorboat competitions.

Eugenio Voltolina, Bolide Project leader asserts:
“Victory definetly raised total performances standards in yachting! No one would have thought of obtaining these results at the first shake-down and commissioning! It was crazy... we had 15 technicians on board and two motorists who were comfortably sitting in the living room in front of their laptops at over 70 knots of speed! Performance, comfort, innovation, luxury and safety - all in one boat! This project is the demonstration of how Victory excels in design, engineering and prototyping... all in house. The Bolide range was born - and this is just the beginning."

Bolide exceeded all expectations, proving her excellent seaworthy capabilities and her ability to travel in total comfort and safety, both at a cruising speed of over 55 knots and even when reaching a sprint speed of about 73 knots with the three MAN diesel engines supplied by Ranieri & Tonissi, Victory technology partner.

Eighty feet of sculptural beauty: a tribute to the sporty forms of the great Italian coachbuilders and to the talent of the artists who have managed to merge design with science, technique with inventiveness, putting Owner’s fun at first. In fact, Owners who drive Bolide can experience the indispensable thrill of speed in total comfort and safety.

“These objects are designed for true collectors and for those who love the excitement - which cannot be waived - of speed, experiencing it with updated means, in total safety and reducing the environmental impact” - Brunello Acampora. Bolide silohuette is particularly streamlined, sporty and refined: a work of art resulting from the coordination of many talents of the Victory Design Style Center, which designed and built the first yacht of the range of over 24 meters long, entirely made of carbon fiber and with six thousand horsepower, in order to break through the wall of 70 knots and travel at over 50 cruising speed.

The sinuous hard top shape was designed to reduce aerodynamic resistance, protecting the Captain from wind and sunlight during navigation, while the two recessed walkways allow a safe path for the crew. “It was impossible to approach this project with a traditional, moderate and predictable method of thinking. The degree of innovation was so significant that it was impossible to draw inspiration from something familiar. We chose instead to take a risk and create an authentic and unique solution, giving life to the Bolide style that definitively opens a new path for yacht design.” – Damian Ufor Colman, Victory Design style office Director.

Bolide has proven to sail like no other motoryacht. A tribute to sustainable speed, with low environmental impact, thanks to a big research activity on the efficiency of the hull and transmissions and to a deep study on each component.

Bolide interiors are the result of the cooperation between the architect Stefano Faggioni and Victory's internal design  team. The proposed layout is entirely custom and provides for internal spaces distributed with great rationality and furnished with a style of refined and modern simplicity with particular attention to privacy but without sacrificing the size of the spaces.

The materials chosen are of the utmost quality: carbon and leather created by the best Made in Italy Master craftsmen, as well as fabrics in natural fibers, such as linen, silk and cashmere, supplied by Loro Piana.

The access to Bolide interior spaces is allowed by two symmetrical staircases that communicate with the cockpit. The kitchen is found entering from the left side. It is a technical but elegant space with contrasts between matt black, natural teak and some cognac-coloured lacquered elements. In this environment, the presence of the carbon hull is evident, appearing “as is” on the bulwark and in the intrados of the external walkway.

The galley leads directly to the captain's cabin equipped with a comfortable queen-size bed, wardrobe, desk and electrical control panel, as well as a private bathroom. The kitchen also communicates with the bar area. The starboard stairway leads to a private lounge that can be transformed into a guest cabin with TV and private bathroom, which can also be used as a day-head.

The bulkheads are covered in ivory-colored leather in contrast with the matte black lacquered sides and ceilings, as well as inside the small bathroom, where the Port Saint-Laurent marble washbasin cabinet with cognac-colored lacquered base stands out. Returning to the main entrance, on the right side there is a desk equipped with two monitors and an interactive screen for general control of all on-board systems. Symmetrically to this desk, on the left side there is a wet bar equipped with a refrigerated cellar for wines and a sink; moreover, aft of this, there is another liqour bar which is perfectly integrated with the bulkhead upholstered in ivory leather. Inside the squared shape area, which occupies the most comfortable part of the boat, we find a double symmetrical C-shaped sofa: at starboard it can be used for conversation and at left side, for lunch. The transverse bulkheads bordering the galley aft and the Owner's space forward are not perpendicular to the centreline but to the sides, to give dynamism to the volumes and to optimize the available spaces, especially forward.

The dominant colors in this area are the matt black of the structure of the furniture and of the hull which remains visible in the bulwarks, the matt treated carbon of the lower deck between the two side wings ofthe ceilings, covered in cognac-colored leather, the same color as the leather used for the sofa and dining table.

Forward of the saloon, the Owner's area is accessed in a sort of vestibule which is the wardrobe, made up of two wardrobe bodies, a central dresser and a bench. This piece of furniture is conceived as an open luggage, a trunk which, once arrived at destination, can become furniture itself. Not surprisingly, the raw and essential cut of the drawers and of the safety belt, in addition to mentioning the luggage, fulfill its usefulness during navigation.

The Owner's bathroom features a cognac lacquered fitted unit which integrates a splendid Port SaintLaurent marble top/washbasin whose veining summarizes the three colors used in these interiors: black, ivory and cognac. In the same bathroom there is a carbon toilet and bidet and a comfortable shower with a teak side seat in contrast with the matt black that surrounds the entire cabin. All the on-board taps and faucets are by the Italian Officina Nicolazzi with matt black finish, with their wheel knobs recalling the charm of mechanical simplicity, perfectly integrated on board.

At the bow we find the Owner's cabin, made up of a central bed that appears to be suspended, with a base formed by two drawers and wrapped in a sort of cradle upholstered in ivory nubuck leather that runs along the entire length of the cabin and ends welcoming the stern two symmetrical dressers covered in leather, recalling the style of the wardrobe.

A soft silk carpet, in an iridescent pearl gray colour, accompanies the walkway inside the noble environments, recalling the external color of the hull. The ribs of the hull are perfectly readable, on the sides they are made in matt black color lacquered carbon and in the central part of the lower deck, in matt treated carbon fiber. Two side wings of the ceiling covered in the same ivory nubuck leather design the entire environment. A screen door, integrated with the side bulkhead of the bathroom to completely hide it, creates further privacy in the most intimate area of the entire yacht and when closed, it reveals a full-height mirror in front of the wardrobe.

Bolide 80 is ready for last detailing and set-up activities, before meeting the global audience at next Monaco Yacht Show, scheduled from 27th to 30th of September 2023. Victory can finally proudly claim to be the builder, as well as designer, naval architect and marine engineer of the fastest yacht in the world!

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