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Yacht-Match confirms its participation at the Cannes Yachting Festival

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29/08/2023 - 11:25

Yacht-Match Group has confirmed its participation in the first in-water European boat show, scheduled from September 12th to 17th. Y-M Yachts & Brokerage, one of the four branches within the Yacht Match Group, has secured dealership and agency agreements with important European shipyards that share the same core values as the group: high quality and customisable solutions that suit clients' needs.

The Yacht-Match team, led by Viktor van Savooyen and Dirk Agter, will be at Port Canto, at the stands SAIL 015, 019, and 031, where they will introduce award-winning boats and offer previews of new models to clients and journalists.

ITA Catamarans
ITA Catamarans

Nautitech: the pleasure of sailing on seaworthy catamarans

Although Y-M Yachts & Brokerage has become the authorised Nautitech dealer in Sweden only this year, Viktor and Dirk are already well-acquainted with the French yard, having sold many Nautitech vessels through the Yacht-Match consultancy service over the past 5 years.

At Cannes, all eyes will be on the Nautitech 44 Open, awarded with the European Yacht of the Year prize and defined by Gildas Le Masson, Nautitech’s General Manager, as a “catamaran built by sailors for sailors”. This phrase underscores the significant role that feedback from previous Nautitech owners played in the design process of the 44 Open. Marc Lombard, naval architect, pointed out how this catamaran is easy and safe to manoeuvre, even with a small crew.

The French shipyard will also showcase the new 40 Open Millesime, a new version of the already highly successful 40 Open, and a preview of the new flagship, the Open 48, through a virtual tour. With generous volumes and a high degree of modularity, the Open 48 optimises space utilisation to suit the owner’s lifestyle. The SmartRoom® can serve as an office, a spare bedroom for a couple or children, or as a storage area. Inside, customers can choose from among five different layouts.

“Nautitech is the leader of a very interesting niche: it’s a cruising catamaran designed for sailing enthusiasts. Compared to its competitors, Nautitech catamarans sail really well, also thanks to Marc Lombard’s experience and expertise.
We are glad that Nautitech will introduce the 48 Open next year. The 50 ft segment of the market is growing quickly, following the general trend of the whole market to move toward bigger boats. Compared to the 44 Open, the 48 Open will offer more amenities on board, have a larger saloon, and more space in the hulls, which, being longer, will increase the cruising range of the boat, making it possible to cover longer distances comfortably.” said Yacht-Match’s co-founder Dirk Agter.

Italia Yachts
Italia Yachts

Italia Yachts & the Yacht-Match Squadra program.

Yacht-Match entered into a dealership agreement with Italia Yachts last year and recently completed the sale of an IY 9.98, which is scheduled for delivery in Croatia. Additionally, the company is currently providing support to a Swedish team that races on an IY 9.98 Fuoriserie.

"Croatia holds significant importance for us. We are developing a novel concept that allows owners who race on an Italia Yacht in the UK or Sweden also to enjoy sailing with their families and guests in the warmer waters of Croatia, all on a vessel they're already acquainted with. To facilitate this, we're setting up an Italia Yachts hub near Split." confirmed Dirk.

This is just one of the benefits owners can receive by choosing from the various tailored ownership programs Yacht-Match offers. Among them, it is important to mention the Yacht-Match Squadra program, which will provide enhanced support and resources for owners aiming to excel in sailing regattas.
Key features include a dedicated Race Team Manager who handles event logistics, crew coordination, and support for international racing events. The program collaborates closely with other Italia Yachts teams and the shipyard.

During the Cannes Yachting Festival, the Italian shipyard will exhibit the IY 11.98 and the IY 12.98.
The IY 11.98 Bellissima truly embodies the essence of a cruiser-racer: many satisfied owners achieve success in regattas and use the same boat for cruising with their family and children.

On the other hand, the IY 12.98 Bellissima leans more towards cruising, yet it possesses a robust racing spirit, making it suitable also for long regattas. The boat ensures great sensations of fun while sailing.

Italia Yachts is continually improving its products, and to achieve this, it has moved the production of the complete range to the new Fano yard. Here, all production processes are centralised: from hull lamination through infusion to the delivery of the final product. This ensures the highest quality control throughout the entire production process.

Following the Cannes Yachting Festival, Dirk Agter, Yacht-Match’s co-founder, will give a talk at the Southampton Boat Show’s Foredeck stage, where he will explain the similarities between ORC and IRC handicap rulings, using the Italia Yachts 11.98, designed by Matteo Polli, as an example.

Nautitech - 44 Open
Nautitech - 44 Open

ITA Catamarans: best-quality finishes, semi-custom construction and personalised equipment.

Last but not least, at SAIL 019, ITA Catamarans will showcase the 15.49, characterised by a prepreg carbon fibre bowsprit and front beam, along with a timeless cherry wood interior finish.

This model represents an evolution of the 14.99, which was elected Multihull of the Year 2020 by Voile Magazine at the Nautic Show in Paris.

The hulls are half a metre longer, and clients can choose a higher roof to increase the headroom and bigger side windows which maximises natural illumination. François Pérus, co-founder of Yacht Design Collective, the studio responsible for designing this vessel, emphasised: “Throughout the entire design process, we kept into consideration onboard comfort. With the possibility of people living on board for extended periods, it becomes paramount to offer them a level of comfort comparable to what they experience on land”.

The values embodied by this Italian shipyard, known for its semi-custom construction process, aligns perfectly with the Yacht-Match DNA: offering high-quality boats that sail well and can be customised to meet the client’s needs. The level of finish achieved by this small, passionate team, which crafts these unique catamarans in Italy using state-of-the-art processes, is exceptionally remarkable. ITA Catamarans offer excellent sailing capabilities without compromising on safety. The 15.49 is built to the highest construction standards, using epoxy resin and carbon fibre reinforcements.
One of the technical features that make the performance of this catamaran stand out is the daggerboards, which offer many advantages compared to the fixed keels that are traditionally installed. This solution increases speed, reduces drag, and, most importantly, guarantees safer navigation. Daggerboards can be adjusted or retracted based on the conditions, allowing sailors to adapt the boat's performance to different wind and water conditions. This versatility can be particularly useful for sailors who sail in various locations.

Nautitech - 48 Open
Nautitech - 48 Open


Yacht-Match was born with the goal of better informing clients, and empowering them with the same knowledge possessed by seasoned yacht owners. This transparent and informative approach lies at the heart of each of the four branches of the group: Y-M Consultancy, Y-M Yacht & Brokerage, Y-M Charter & Management, and Y-M Sustainable Solutions.

Three of the four branches of Yacht-Match were involved in a recent project: a Nautitech 44 was sold by Y-M Yacht & Brokerage and will go under the charter management of Y-M Charter & Management. The owners also chose to rely on the team of experts at Y-M Sustainable Solutions to equip this new catamaran with solar panels. The system engineered and provided by Y-M Sustainable Solutions, including solar panels and batteries integrated with the catamaran's electrical system, will allow it to stay off-grid for 2 days at anchor.

Viktor Van Savoyeen highlights: "We have chosen to represent certain shipyards because they were the preferred choice of our customers and their values aligned perfectly with the principles upheld by Yacht-Match. This strong alignment led to a flourishing partnership that eventually resulted in these agreements. Every shipyard we represent shares these four fundamental values:

They uphold a well-organised and structured approach. They are relatively small businesses, ensuring our clients receive a personal approach with direct communication with the builders, allowing for customisations and personalised features. They also have a clear and promising vision for the future. The quality of their yacht construction is exceptional; they build their boats in Europe, adhering to rigorous environmental and workers' standards."

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