Quick Nautical Equipment's Olympic Anchors: Performance, Design, and Made in Italy

Quick Nautical Equipment's Olympic Anchors: Performance, Design, and Made in Italy

Quick Nautical Equipment's Olympic Anchors: Performance, Design, and Made in Italy


15/04/2024 - 13:05


An anchor is not just an ordinary piece of metal: introducing the new Olympic Anchors series by Quick Nautical Equipment featuring a new technology for safe moorings.

Boat owners may sometimes consider the anchor to be a very minor matter, in terms of kilos and regard: however, the anchor is not just a chunk of metal, but an essential safety equipment.

Often, we find ourselves with an anchor of incorrect weight or shape at the most inconvenient times - amidst the bustling August holiday season, and most notably, while we're moored in the heart of the bay.

The best thing to do is therefore to think about the anchor earlier, possibly around this time, when your boat is about out of wintering, after being stored away, mainly because today's market offers high-performance anchors that can also give that new touch, the icing on the cake for a well-done refit job.

Quick Nautical Equipment has recently launched a new series of anchors on the market, the Olympic Anchors, the result of an extremely thorough design, made with cutting-edge technology and quality materials that ensure peace of mind and safety even in the most critical conditions.

Olympic Anchors design: where each detail has its purpose.

The Olympic represent an upgrade of the plough anchor or CQR concepts, differing technically in two distinctive elements. To begin with, their proportions are engineered to distribute optimum mass in order to guarantee a greater hold in the seabed: while the front part of the fluke, where grip is crucial, is specially reinforced, the rear part is shaped to ease the swift clearance of any debris during anchoring. On the side, the plough shape features stabilising fins that help to optimally position the anchor, keeping the shaft always perpendicular to the seabed. The design of the Olympic's shaft has also been meticulously planned, aiming to concentrate the barycentre to the front of the anchor to maximise the effectiveness of the grip.

The anti- tip system

The attention to detail is also noticeable in the reinforced and specially designed anchor eyelet, which operates in combination with the exclusive, patented joint connecting the anchor to the shaft, a fundamental detail to ensure that the anchor is always correctly positioned when it enters the nose, preventing mishaps and facilitating manoeuvring.

Olympic Anchors, an excellence made in Italy

To give the correct value to the Olympic anchor, it is crucial to understand that it is a quality Made in Italy product, undeniably beautiful, well-crafted, and manufactured with materials that ensure prolonged use in a hostile and aggressive environment such as the marine environment. That's why Olympic Anchors are entirely made of AISI 316 stainless steel.

The new Olympic anchor series includes models ranging from 7 to 60 kg, available in polished or sandblasted finish, ideal for boats from 6 to 20 metres with a displacement of 2 to 40 tonnes.

In an industry where quality often remains hidden beneath the surface, Olympic anchors stand out as a clear symbol of excellence. Whether it's docking in a crowded harbor or seeking refuge in a secluded bay, the Olympic anchor delivers performance that makes a difference. Additionally, the Quick Nautical Equipment brand contributes daily to the Group's shared mission of building a zero-waste world. The packaging for Olympic anchors is made from 100% recycled materials and is part of a larger initiative to redesign all packaging in partnership with certified suppliers, ensuring both the materials used and the supply chain meet high standards.

Choosing an Olympic anchor, then, is a matter of responsibility towards oneself, one's boat, the sea we love to explore, and the entire planet.

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