52 Super Series: No racing Saturday, patience and focus required Sunday

52 Super Series: No racing Saturday, patience and focus required Sunday

52 Super Series: No racing Saturday, patience and focus required Sunday


06/05/2023 - 20:07

There was insufficent wind for racing today on the Gulf of Saint-Tropez at the 52 Super Series Saint-Tropez Sailing Week and so positions remain unchanged going into Sunday, the final day of the first regatta of the 2023 season.

The fleet were afloat by 1300hrs and waited until after 1600hrs watching light easterly breezes of two or three knots ruffle the waters but there was never enough to set a course.

Ergin Imre's Provezza top the standings going into Sunday's finale but only by one single point over Andy Soriano's Alegre while Doug DeVos's Quantum Racing powered by American Magic are another single point behind in third.

The forecast for Sunday shows light breezes again. Provezza's Spanish navigator Nacho Postigo says his team feel confident in the light airs,

"One more day to go and it looks like it will be a light day. Light days mean there is a lot of skill involved but also sometimes luck comes into it as well. Obviously we are leading now and so we have got it done. But we felt stronger the lighter the wind is, so we feel confident that if we do a decent start and get the tactics right we should be strong, we have been strong all week in the light winds - better than the strogn winds - so if tomorrow we have to sail we will be comfortable but if we don't have to sail it will be good as well. Let's see"

52 Super Series Saint-Tropez Sailing Week after six races

1- PROVEZZA (TUR), Ergin Imre, 2+5+4+6+2+6 = 25
2- ALEGRE (GBR), Andy Soriano, 4+4+7+4+5+2 = 26
4- INTERLODGE (USA), Austin and Gwen Fragomen, 1+1+6+8+7+9 = 32
5- PLATOON (GER), Harm Müller Spreer, 7+9+1+3+9+4 = 33
6- GLADIATOR (GBR), Tony Langley, 5+3+3+11+10+3 = 35
7- SLED (USA), Takashi Okura, 8+7+9+2+1+11 = 38
8- PAPREC (FRA), Jean Luc Petithuguenin, 11+6+2+7+6+7 = 39
9- VAYU (THA), Familia Whitcraft, 10+2+5+10+11+5 = 43
10- ALPHA+ (HKG), Shawn y Tina Kang, 3+11+10+5+8+10 = 47
11- PHOENIX (RSA), Hasso y Tina Plattner, 9+10+11+9+4+8 = 51

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