Luna Rossa: the sixth AC40, launches in Cagliari

Luna Rossa: the sixth AC40, launches in Cagliari

Luna Rossa: the sixth AC40, launches in Cagliari

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06/05/2023 - 18:49

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli brought their brand-new AC40 out of its hangar in Cagliari today and gathered the team around for the christening ceremony. Giulia Caponnetto, a very long-standing and much valued member of the media team, had the honour of smashing the customary bottle of champagne over the well-protected bow strut and named her ‘Luna Rossa’ to cheers from the team below.

It was clean hit and the bottle disintegrated – always a good sign when naming a yacht.

Shortly after the ceremony, the Italian shore team lifted this, the sixth AC40 to be delivered in this America’s Cup cycle, into the crystal Cagliari waters with the sailing team led by Francesco Bruni, intent on tow-testing without the mast.

However, it was not to be as a minor issue with the foil cant system and flap controls meant that the planned session was called off and the boat was craned out shortly afterwards and rolled back into the tent.

Commissioning will be conducted in the coming days but nothing planned for Friday.

On Water Recon Unit Notes: On this day the LRPP team rolled out their newly branded AC40-6. The yacht was christened on the cradle before touching water for the first time at 10:00. As the team was getting ready for a commissioning tow-session, several checks were conducted below deck while Chase2 docked out the AC40 before docking back in shortly afterwards. An issue on the foil cant system and flap controls seemed to hinder the team from heading out of the harbour. The commissioning will be continued in the following days.

Crane In: 10am Dock out: 1210 Dock-in: 1220

Weather AM: 20-22°c sunny.


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