'L´Immens - Laplaza'. © Nico Martínez/Copa del Rey MAPFRE

'L´Immens - Laplaza'. © Nico Martínez/Copa del Rey MAPFRE

ORC 2 class opens the Copa del Rey podium up to more than 10 teams


10/07/2024 - 12:48

The changes to the rules announced immediately on finishing last year’s 41st edition of the Copa del Rey MAPFRE ahead of the European Championships 2025, has created a completely new list of favourites for the podium of the Altavista ORC 2. The two main reasons are firstly, that the fastest boats from 2023 are now participating in the Odilo ORC 1 class, and secondly, that the fastest boats in the ORC 3 class have now been integrated into the Altavista ORC 2.

The race director, Manu Fraga, explained the rule changes,

“The changes made to the class have opened up the podium to a greater variety of teams, creating a much more competitive and unpredictable scenario.” He continued by explaining the new configuration, “With the incorporation of boats from the ORC 3 class, the fleet is much more homogenous in terms of speed, and this will very likely mean closer and very exciting racing. It is fantastic to see so many teams from different countries competing together, and really proves the true prestige of the regatta worldwide.”

Within the new format, the first boat classified in 2023, racing in the class once again this year, is Modul, that will possibly have to compete at the front of the fleet against the very powerful group from last season’s ORC 3 class. The fleet includes 37- and 40-feet boats that will be in the spotlight, such as Maria José Valero’s Tanit IV with Ignacio Campos as skipper. The GS37 achieved third place on the podium last season.

Another very different case will be L’Immens - Laplaza the Sinergia 40 that will attempt to make up for the accident they suffered on the last day of racing last year, which prevented the team from claiming second place in the championship.

“This year we are in a class where we are not the fastest in the group,” confirmed Carles Rodriguez skipper of the boat from Masnou, “we are more likely to be among the slower ones, and in the Copa it has always been a handicap, since being the fastest and being able to decide which side of the course to head for on the first upwind lap was always an advantage.”

Rodriguez, aware of the new situation in the fleet, still expressed great expectations for the competition,

“The truth is we really like a challenge, and we are excited about the changes we have made on the boat this year. Our boat is clearly not new and is one of the slowest which might set us back in comparison to faster and more modern boats, but even so, we are very excited to have the boat as optimized as possible, so who knows?!”

The Italian Guardamago (ex-Scugniza) a model ITA 11.98 which proved unbeatable in 2023 (finishing first place in almost all the ORC 3 races), is also back as a clear favourite this year. However, the difference this year is that the team will no longer be one of the fastest in the fleet, as there will be more boats on the racecourse, and as Carles Rodriguez stated,
“In the Copa this has always been a handicap”.

The other Italian/Argentinean team Will be Angelo Lobinu’s and Lucas Massa’s Geex.

19 teams and seven nationalities
A total of close to twenty teams from seven countries in a renewed class format, all have their sights set on the first few days of the regatta to see how the new formation (with boats that are closer in speed) will see them in competition in very different conditions from last season.

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